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    If my house to fall;
    I will pick my clay again up!

    Life is not bad. I have a piece of bread, a bit of intelligence, tiny needle hobby penchant. My mother is better than tree leaves. Best friends running as water, and a God who is near here, Ina-Il-Haqq...
    Once you find the enemy, It's mean you were successful in reaching your goals!
    If they threaten you, must know! They are powerless against cross you.
    If they betray you see, the mean is your price was highyer.
    If one day they left you, must know! They don't deserved to be with you.

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Hila Sedighi, The young brave Iranian poet risk prison

Posted by HOJANEPES news on March 17, 2011

Hila Sedighi
Hila Sedighi

The young poet

Hila Sedighi theyoung brave Iranian poet risk prison because she has written several poems about women’s rights and freedom movement in Iran.

The Iranian secret police have confiscated her computer, her notes, books, etc., and then interrogated her under mental torture, threats and pressure for several hours each day in a few weeks.Hila Sedighi is a very popular poet among the Iranian people, particularly among the new generation.We hope that Amnesty International react strongly against the Iranian regime and defend Hila Sedighi and freedom of expression.

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2 Responses to “Hila Sedighi, The young brave Iranian poet risk prison”

  1. agha said

    hang the bitch

  2. Safia said


    Thank u for this nice post…we all like her poet.
    The poem “I am iranian woman Hila Sedighi Enhlish ”
    I like her poems but I need to understand it…Could u send me the subtitles in english please,,or translate it here in ur blog.
    In some sites they just add ccaption but it is not enough I need to understand the poem..do understand me…I google it and in u tube for this poem but never find subtitiles ..so help me please.

    Thanks in advance

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