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Desert people – Living of the Turkmensahara – Part 7

Posted by HOJANEPES news on July 17, 2012


Khalil Daykhan

Khalil Daykhan-Domo came to the village like the bride is taken by this person

Electricity do they come:

 Hey ~A Her television, the radio Hey, Hey car ran so well
Is the theme song of my recent “~ ♪ Ola hate this village.” View and digs! “Do you keep” “~ I keep the Beko in Tokyo ♪”, while doing the hay to cattle.
Of the city’s water pressure is weak, since no water buildup in the tank of water outage due to the third floor of this place every day Omakeni, going back to life fetching water. Electricity and gas also had heard and come to work immediately if you spend enough money to pay, over a month from paying a large sum of money. But I was told to write and Khalil, the amount paid is close to five hundred thousand yen. Give me strength ….
Telegraph pole was erected close to but certainly. By transmission in a small house which stands on the garden from its pillars, that power to the main building from there, it seems to have been said to be mounted equipment engineer for it. Although appalled at how their own work and came up here, we are not surprised by Turkmen. Nasser is I bought the equipment immediately, kneading the cement, up the ladder, throwing a cement hole in the wall, was fixed to the instrument.
A result, the wire will come any time.

Sabuzui (Vegetable):

In Iran Sabuzui (vegetable) always up on the table. Some, such as green onions and various herbs raw. Are eating out is to keep buying aggressively unique mint good so far. Because it handles a large amount of fairly large family and I, who also seems to have a knack wash. Turkmen is lined with thick cloth called Sachakku, untie the bundle of Sabuzu~i I bought there. With a knife cut off unwanted parts with roots and mud, wash with water was clean and on. Well, it’s easy to just wash from the edible portion.

Louis before eating mint, coriander and dill back is to use raw food

Louis before eating mint, coriander and dill back is to use raw food

What was the front part cut off, it will wash bucket, water was inserted to eat tomorrow minutes

What was the front part cut off, it will wash bucket, water was inserted to eat tomorrow minutes

Here you cheaper herbs, so that livestock eat vegetable scraps, are thrown away after taking only a portion of the leaf Innovation restless. And think if it comes back to eating animal meat and milk, still no sense of guilt. So also do the dog leftover food, but almost no way that garbage is a good thing. I probably throw away, would not only tea leaves.

This week I was shopping at a market in human

This week I was shopping at a market in human


s still manual

s still manual

Refixing House

Refixing House


Pumpkin and melon:

It sowed the seeds of melons Nantei’s a lot of the beginning of April. Then three months later, when the harvest has come. Even though it did not do water just barely seeded causing the earth, I put a number of respectable real surprise. Means, next year I will grow a melon



Had fallen into pumpkin field before the house was wearing a real though a lot, actually increases. Mean that something is wrong …, but I saw a vine cut off in a big way, taught me the important thing is my neighbors After hanging up. Pumpkin is likely fruitless in fact and not artificially pollinated pistil and stamen. That even if pollination, and can be harvested with a probability of 100%. I think, but I think the number of real regret and lost, and the rest of the female flowers are pollinated as much as you want. When the flowers open early in the morning, so I just plug it in female flowers stamens.
(I want to ease as much as possible …) Mellon to me butterflies carrying pollen, pumpkin is probably why does not carry

A farmer returning from Nantei

A farmer returning from Nantei

Hokkaido pumpkin. The female flowers have closed

Hokkaido pumpkin. The female flowers have closed

Brothers  stumbling:

It gave me to install a shower and bathroom vanity, it was craftsman of relatives. Now it seems even relatives are working in the iron craftsman. The wall of the toilet in the garden that I have painted me Jeriru brother of Khalil, was completed when the room is prepared to give any rugs or sister and mother of Khalil. To help each other between the family spirit of the Turkmen brothers would surprised. I like it or even like competition. Help each other in the habit of kin, but significant trend in the whole of Iran would probably also be reckoned with Halil has been particularly well in the family, would one of the reasons why you get so well.
I came back out of the fog Khalil Iran to teens, who had never go back to Kumishutepe is that ten years ago. Began to build this house in order to put the capital earned in Scandinavia and Central Asia, brother to help the family household income was less of, at the same time living in one Kumishutepe. Nasser had been buying and selling poultry now has a shop, driving a big truck, have a trade, such as wheat and barley. Isoshimi to take care of cattle and sheep were also Yusuf child malnutrition, are getting a steady income. The elder Khalil, probably plays a role similar to that of some much meaning from their father. Says the mother of Khalil, “and God gave me, bring back Halil”.
What can, however. Enough for an adult sibling, such as classes for many years shaved himself. I went to work at night Khalil is what the heavy snow in Gothenburg, to those of their own without spending any money, to know how to save lived. When we consider what he has done so, I was shocked and quite why. In addition, it was also clear that one of the reasons to move it to Iran along with Khalil, a determination to live here. However, it is difficult practice. In my heart every day is a struggle with the ego.

Work of iron:

This place, the construction of several houses have been studied. Go up stairs for second floor railing of the corridor (rail), on the balcony (on request), it set the roof of the balcony. Craftsman who is likely to make in all of these iron. Because the night sleeping on the balcony from a long time ago, but it was up to the third floor every day, but up and down ladders with the waste material was inconvenient. Khalil is heavy, especially when tough or fall. I had put a cushion instead of this waste material also, in the room was like the ruins affairs.

Generator. In considerable volume, voices heard and will not be triggered

Generator. In considerable volume, voices heard and will not be triggered

Of iron work takes electricity from the generator was placed in the garden, had been stuck or cut with a machine or several. I am seeing it up close and manipulate the material of iron is the first time. You can easily weld was surprising than you might think. This material Zunto heavy, there is a sense of stability After it is really stable and once. Is much to be kicking or hitting, he does not budge. Material of iron craftsman Ittetsu also very manly man, to work! I like people who have a taste. However, he says the animal is so scary, if you have been crying wander around while Nyanya is Badamujan, and! “Leave me trapped in the bathroom.” I think it would not is strange creatures, and humans.

Nephew of artisan work (relatives). Toru craftsman, usually working in Tehran nephew also

Nephew of artisan work (relatives). Toru craftsman, usually working in Tehran nephew also

To finish the stairs but it still takes a few days, the second floor railing of the balcony and roof framing of this street.

The roof is another craftsman metal hull is likely nowv

The roof is another craftsman metal hull is likely now

Also safe for children to walk this

Also safe for children to walk this

Delivery table:

Tables have been waiting for have been delivered. Be released from the diet of the floor is really, really appreciate. Thankfully I was able to place even keep things a little. One big reform, will be brought by this in everyday life. And, thankfully I want to say much.

Abu Khalil

Abu Khalil

It made ​​me a table, the son of Khalil’s cousin, but Wahabu. He lived near the home of the mother-in-law, are holding a workshop on the first floor. But it may be cooked or amide, or me off the cutting board, I asked some of the work of wood Until now, this table was ordering a full-fledged. Because the material comes out in a variety of patterns that plywood MDF, Khalil is likely chosen from among some 200 pieces. After you have specified I was left to the Halil Candid only the height of the table, he was finally picked by fans to deliver Shigeku foot through the workshop. The height of the table was ordered 10cm higher than I said, what had become the way to 85cm. What are you gonna do? Khalil said so “and to feel that shopping for your first time” during the dinner, but I am glad I am.

New Table

New Table

This table, but size is not measured, which is much larger. But a little much too large, this will just Halil size. Laugh.
By the way the chair has not been yet. If you can spare time will always be able to finish the Wahabu, now made ​​me a temporary bench. You want to show off for another photo was placed in the room the table.

Yahoo Japan E-mail services:

In Iran, because they are quite a lot of filters to the web site. In other words, can not be viewed. It is also not seen “desert people” blog I was writing in Sweden, most blog services are not seen. Can not do online shopping because they also depend on the filter and Rakuten Amazon.co.jp. Even give up on blogs and shopping, E-mail is absolutely necessary. Nevertheless, it has taken a filter to the page of Yahoo! Japan from the other day. I initially connected to the Internet, because there was that Gmail can not browse, but was switched to Yahoo! Japan primarily use the E-mail address, this time was no longer seen in Yahoo. Says a friend in Japan is that with’m sure that takes a filter to put the server in the United States service. For more information but do not know. Although young people seem to look at the page you want to try to remember the way of hacking, I care that does not seem to be any such order to check the E-mail.
Introduction was longer, if there is an urgent E-mail addressed to me, please contact the address of Gmail. Is also valid address in the profile of this blog the way ….This story is continued the next update of  Weblog Desert people – Living of the Turkmensahara


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