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Ashghabat - 2002 year


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Turkmenistan is situated in the very heart of Central Asia between the Caspian Sea in the west and the great Amu Darya in the east, from Aral Sea littoral steppes in the north to the Kopet Dag mountain range to the south, Turkmenistan is an independent state founded in 1991 after the disintegration of the USSR and five years later it attained a unique political status which was recognized by the United Nations Organization. The founder of the state, the national leader of Turkmenistan, President Saparmurat Turkmenbashy has clearly specified the character of his country and its place in the sophisticated geopolitical space by capacious formulation “permanent neutrality”.According to historians’ assessments, history of civilizations which existed on this land in the past accounted for five thousand years. Remains of those disappeared cultures can be found here almost everywhere: in the desert and at foothills of mountains, along the channels of dried rivers and in caves. Traces of human activity have been preserved in the form of implements, domestic utensils and real works of art made of stone and bone, ceramics and metal, including bronze, silver and gold. But it is the architecture that makes us recollect distant ancestors of the Turkmens starting from the earthenware houses, sanctuaries and formerly inaccessible fortresses of the ancient world to the luxurious palaces and temples of the Middles Ages. Certainly, few things that local towns were renowned for had escaped destructions and remained intact till nowadays. Biblical truth that every thing is good in its season has been eloquently confirmed here.Official Name: Republic of Turkmenistan;Capital: Ashgabat;Population: 6.7 million;Total area: 488,1OOsq. km;Density: 8 people per sq. km;Languages: Turkmen, Russian, English;Religions: Muslim 85%, Eastern Orthodox 10%, other 5%; Ethnic mix: Turkmen 78%, Uzbek 9%, Russian 6%, Kazakh 5% and others 2%; Government: Single party republic;National currency: Manat.The guest is higher then father. Turkmenistan is a country of the oldest civilizations having made a significant contribution to the development of the world culture. Modern Turkmenistan borders were first to appear in the world along with India and Middle East. Historical sources prove that in the III-II millennium BC two big states, which consolidated nations living far from each other in the desert and river valleys, were established on the territory of present-day Turkmenistan.
Known as Scythians, Massagets, Saks, Dakhs in the whole Asia and Europe, our ancestors had created powerful, mighty states uniting many peoples in different period of time. In all, Turkmens established over seventy big and small states throughout their legendary history in all parts of Asia and Eastern Europe. How did our forefathers govern the lands they reigned on? How did they manage to preserve peace and order there?
There is only one answer: the same character of a Turkmen and tender harmony of his soul. Turkmens have at all times remained courteous people devoted to the traditions of hospitality. They treated a guest as the messenger of Allah. Hence, there is a proverb: “The guest is higher than father”. …

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