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From Materials of our LINC school Overlea BLVD – 14

1.     Caught between his traditional family and his Californian lifestyle, and Tariq Ahmed found the perfect way to arrange his own marriage . — by finding a wife on the Web. Along with thousands of other young Asians, the 27-year-old silicon Valley computer expert turned to the growing number of Internet sites dedicated to finding a suitable husband or wife . ….
2.     Bora in London to a Pakistani father and an Austrian mother, Mr. Ahmed, a designer of Web pages. Hand little difficulty producing his own site. He admitted that, like all his Pakistani friends in the U.S.A., he had to do something about his love life. “ My dad has become extremely conservative over the years, and he just wanted me to marry a Pakistani girl,” he said.
3.     She turned out to be 26-old Juliana Gidwani. She saw his advertisement  on the Matrimontial Link. They married last year her home. The wedding pictures, of course, were immediately posted on the Web.
4.     “ The Internet isn’t ideal because you have to use e-mails and when you are talking in text you are only  getting a bit of information.“ Ahmed added that e-mails can’t show two people whether there is chemistry between them. Luckily, he and his bride discovered they did, have chemistry after they spent some time getting to know each other.
5.     Speed and control are what is important in e-mail relationships. Websites and e-mail addresses allow people to choose the level of anonymity they wish to keep. They also can select people who live far away.
6.     Sara, 27. Was born in India and is studying in the U.S.A. After her parents” matchmaking attempts failed, she began her own search. She registered with the Internet agency A1 Indian Matrimonials. She had many replies and quickly found a potential husband. “He’s a doctor, a real golden boy with a flood of proposals from good families, which his parents have gone nuts trying to get him to accept.” .
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