Bujnurd Turkmen’s mosque was destroyed (in Iran)People who live in Javadie of Bujnurd are our Turkmen brothers. They needed a mosque for praying. They bought a piece of land and created a group to prepare the necessary documents. This group has been working on the documents since 2003 (1382 according the solar calendar). The documents were ready except for the signature of the person who supervises the mosque buildings in North Khorasan who refused to sign it. The group was disappointed after a series of problems then they appealed to Tehran, but there wasn’t any help from Tehran either. After that they appealed to Mashhad and began to build the mosque. By 2005 (1384 according the solar calendar), it was almost done. People prayed there for 13 months and they also built some classrooms to teach the Koran. On October 5, 2007 (05.08.1386 according the solar calendar) when the mosque’s basement was completely finished and the ground floor was being finished, some officials told the imam and other trustees of the mosque that they must destroy the mosque. They were not allowed to pray there any more. They threatened that if they didn’t do it they would destroy the mosque. On Tuesday night, October 07, 2007 (07.08.1386 according the solar calendar) armed people surrounded the mosque and arrested the imam and the trustees of the mosque. Later at midnight, about 11 pm, they began to destroy the mosque. By the morning it was completely destroyed. Now, it is ready make a lawn!

The source: http://www.turkmenjam.persianblog.ir/
Translated by Hajimuhammed