Liberty in IranLiberty in Iran
The Complete Report of the Arrests in the Latter Days and the Students Day Demonstration
Yesterday the demonstration of the “Students Day” was disposed in the University of Tehran, by the Radical Leftist students of iran. Some days before the demonstration, many left activists were threatend by the government, and were urged in order not to dispose this demonstration. Since the Iranian students have been disposing this program for about 54 years (honoring 3 marthyr comrades who were killed by the former regime in the engineering faculty of the University of Tehra because of protesting against Nixon’s trip to Iran) and most importantly because in the past year all the social movements in Iran such as the workers, women and students movement have been pressured back by the regime, the students decided to hold the demonstration by any mean possible.

On Saturday December 2nd, 2007 mean while the students were preparing for the demonstration, the government was prepering to suppress them.
The arrests started on Saturday at 9 AM when “Mehdi Gerailoo” (Student of Geophysics) and “Nader Ahsani” were kidnapped from his own home by the security forces and was taken to an unknown place. In the afternoon two of the Sociology Faculty of the University of Tehran, “Victoria Jamshidi” and “Anoosheh Azadbar” were arrested at home without any explanation. The arrestments continued until yesterday 2 PM when almost 26 students from diffrent universitys had been arrested and many are still sued. The complete list of the arrestments is attached to this letter.

But the demonstration was held by the Radical Leftist students exactly on time, at 12 PM Tuesday, in the University of Tehran in front of the Engineering Faculty. The demonstration started with singing revolutionary songs by the students; many students carring posters and slogans defining their wants and aims on them such as “The University Is Not Garrison” , “Liberty of Women Is Liberty of the Society” , “NO WAR” , “Hands Off the People of Iran”, “Free the Political Prisoners” , “There IS an Alternative” , “Free Our Classmates” , “The Students Movement Allied with the Workers and Women movements”, “We Want Independent Unions” and “FREEDOM EQUALITY” .

Then some of the radical left students made speeches: Behzad Bagheri (student of Archology) made speech about the pressures in the past year and about the arrested students.
Bita Samimizad (student of phisycs) made speech against the war which might happen in Iran and about the women and workers movement in the past year.
Bijan Sabbagh (student of Chemical Engineering – University of Mazandaran) made speech about the arrested students in the University of Mazandaran, Tehran, Ahvaz and ….
Kaveh Abbasian (student of cinema), the representative of the students who were not allowd to countinue their studies by the government, talked about these students and the problems they faced, and about how he was almost arrested when he tried to come to Tehran for the demonstration; he reminded the government that a movement which is supported by the society can not be ruined by the system.
Then Roozbeh Safshekan read the declaration of the Radical Leftist students. He then arrested IN THE UNIVERSITY by security forces exactly after the demonstration.
Peyman Piran (the ex-political prisoner), Ali Ajami (student of law) and Kamran Akhshi (student of political siences) and some other studets talked about different political and social matters.

The demonstration countinued in front of the main gate of the university, the students sang revolutionary songs and yelled out their wants so everyone in the street could hear: “Free the Imprisoned Students”, “I’ll Kill Them Who Killed my Brother”, “Taking Part in Elections Is a Betray”, “Down with the Dictator”, “We don’t Want Savage Government and Police”, “Ahmadinejad! Pinouche! Iran’s not gonna Be Chili” …. The crowd came back to the faculty of Law and Political Sciences and ended the demonstration. Half an hour later, the security forces started to arrest the students who were active during the demonstration; specially the speech-makers. They firstly caught “Roozbeh Safshekan” who read the declaration of the Radical Leftist students and his wife, “Mina” (His wife was released some hours later). The security forces followed students and tried to arrest “Kaveh Abbasian” and “Bijan Sabbagh” in front of the Engineering Faculty. But they were not successfull because the other students surrounded them, so Kaveh and Bijan could run away. Till 7 PM all the activists changed their appearances and the clothing and went out of the university. All of the activists are hidden now. The government is still trying to arrest them.

The names of the arrested are:

Mehdi Gerailoo – University of Tehran
Nader Ahsani – Ex-student of the University of Mazandaran
Anoosheh Azadbar – University of Tehran
Victoria Jamshidi – University of Azad Tehran-south
Behrooz Karimizadeh – Expelled student of the University of Tehran
Saeed Habibi – Ex-student of the Sharif University of Technology
Ali Salem – University of Polytechnic
Yoones Mirhosseini – Bahonar University, Shiraz
Milad Omrani – University of Rajayi
Abed Tavancheh – Expelled student of the University of Polytechnic
Sadra Pirhayati – Shahed University
Roozbeh Safshekan – University of Tehran
Saeed Aghamali – Art University of Yazd
Roozbehan Amiri – University of Tehran
Nasim Soltanbeigi – University of Allameh
Mahsa Mohebbi – Sharif University of Technology
Keyvan Amiri – Sharif University of Technology
Hadi Salari – University of Rajayi
Amir Aghayi – University of Rajayi
Fashid Farhadi Ahangaran – University of Rajayi
Saeed Aghakhani
Okhtay Hosseini – University of Azad
Soroosh Hashempoor – University of Chamran, Ahvaz
Hamed Mohammadi – University of Mazandaran arrested a week ago
Arash Pakzad – University of Mazandaran
Milad Moeeni – University of Mazandaran
Hassan Maarefi – University of Mazandaran
Behrang Zandi – University of Mazandaran
Ehsan Azadbar – Ex-student of the University of Tehran – freed
Karim Asayesh – University of Tehran – freed
Roozbeh Faghihi – University of Azad, Karaj – freed
Hossein Babaee – Sharif University of Technology – freed
Mohsen Saghafi – Ex-student of the Azad University – freed
Mohsen Ghamin – University of Polytechnic – freed
Babak Pasha Javid – University of Polytechnic – freed

No matter how many they arrest or what ever the do to us, our movement will go ahead.


Barabary – Azadi – Liberty
Pictures of demonstration in University of Iran