Ashooradeh, the sole island of Caspian Sea

Ashooradeh is the sole island which is located in south-east of Caspian Sea in west of Turkmensahra in north of Iran, this island in the past centuries impressed by the function and activity of human groups and with digging a canal it has been separated from its main land (miankaleh peninsula),it has a special condition in the macro political and economical areas of country. The past centuries changes, along with the changes in the recent years cause government officials pay more attention to this Island. In the recent century we can see all ideas and plans for regional development of this island.
Ashyr Ada
Natural & Geographical specifications
According to the latest reports of Country Division Organization, Ashooradeh is one of the divisions of Bandar Torkaman (Torkaman Port) in Golestan province. This island is located at the eastern end of Miankaleh peninsula and in the 36 54 northern latitude and 54/01 eastern longitude and its approximate altitude is about -28 from free sea level (Persian Gulf & Fave base level).
Ashooradeh from southern part bounded to Gorgan bay and southern coast of Torkaman port, from the western part bounded to Khozeyini Canal that connect the mentioned gulf to Caspian Sea and from the north it is bounded to Caspian Sea.
In the western part of this island Miankaleh peninsula located. In the past years because of digging a canal (Khozeini Canal) the land that connects this island to the shore has been cut off and the connection with Miankaleh peninsula has been interrupted so Ashooradeh became an independent Island.
Ashooradeh is located in about 3 kilometers far from the Bandar torkaman, the main way for reaching there and accessing the island is the Torkaman port deck. The distance between Ashooradeh and Gorgan city is about 23kilometers and its distance to Kordkoy is about 11 kilometers& with Gaz port about 18 kilometers.

Herbaceous & zoology Coverage

Because of limitation in the land sources, the herbaceous of Island has specific limitation and hasn’t various kind. The Ashooradeh Island has generally the eco system of dry regions so there is no many and different kind of herbaceous, there are only some kinds of fruit – trees in the houses and there is no other agricultural coverage.

As this region located in a protected area so wild life exists in the area and makes one of the very special, important and valuable regions in the world. This place has the life condition for two groups of immigrant and native birds and also mammal. Its native birds are mainly pheasant, francolin.

Weather (climate)

The average temperature of this island yearly is about 17/3 degree centigrade and this shows the moderate temperature of this region.
The other thermal specifications of this region are as follows:

– The maximum temperature is 32/1 degree centigrade in August

– The minimum temperature is 2/5 degree centigrade in January

– The warmest month of the year is August

– The coldest month of the year is January

Rain fall

According to the specific situation of this region (eastern part of Caspian Sea) rainfalls decrease from south to north, so Ashooradeh as one of the eastern part of this region has the minimum rainfall. The average rainfall is about398 mm that 21/8 % is in winter,21/6%in spring,6/2% in summer, and 50%in fall.


Wind has great effect on situation of the Island. Intensive wind moving the sand and create wave on the sea surface and also the coast and the buildings. Generally wind blows from west to east that in winter it replaces with the northern-east wind to western-south wind and with Siberian origin. Also because of the land of Gorgan bay and also water around the Island a kind of breeze in the region moderate the weather and decrease the humidity of air in the summer.


Ashour is the name of an ethic group from the Sami race that they were the inhabitant in Babel and then they immigrated. Some says that Ashooradeh is that famous historical island of Abeskun.
In the most historical resources Ashooradeh known as an archipelago which contains of 3 Islands that after tide the two little islands at the end of it have been disappeared and at the moment there is only one island remains.
In the age of Mohammad Shah Qajar Russians get the permission to build some commercial and residing buildings and also military castle in this place. The point which is definitely clear is that up to this time the habitants of this island were Russian and there were few Iranians.
After Golestan contract in 1813 and Torkamanchai contract in 1828 Russian used their rights form this contracts occupied this island.
In the age of Nasserdinshah Qajar again this island became the focus of attention, after collapsing Tezar government Ashooradeh Island emptied.
In the age of Rezakhan a castle was built in the island which was used as a border post up to the few decades ago.
At the present there are two historical buildings in the island, Russian castle and the house of Russian minister plenipotentiary.
Iranian habitation in this Island started in the first years of 1950s, because in these years Iran fisheries established facilities there and this cause the attraction of Iranians to this region and to live there.
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