Mowlana Jelaletdin

Within the frame of ‘2007 – UNESCO’s Year of Maulana’, there have been organized many events throughout the year internationally.

Various activities has been organized and many visitors fled to the mausoleum of the famous poet and Sufi scholar in Konya, Turkiye.
After Europe and America, now its South East Asia’s turn for ‘sema’ performances inspired from the Sufi teachings of Maulana.
This month ‘whirling dervishes’, how they are called among crowd, will visit Indonesia.
On 18th of August an ensemble of semazen group will perform in Sharif Hidayatullah Auditorium located in capital city Jakarta.
The ensemble will also visit Depok, Bandung, Aceh and Semarang cities within the organization of Pasiad foundations.
Maulana Jalaleddin Rumi is globally famous poet and scholar lived in 13 century. He is much respected among Turkic nations. We easily witness people of various backgrounds even today visit his tomb with the of getting blessings.
‘Mesnevi’ , the famous work Mualana Jalaleddin Rumi, take significant place in modern Turkmen literature.