I want to write.
about pains, about codes and about rules.
I want to ask
myself, ask ourselves, ask our society.
What must be reformed?!?!
Massive thefts?!?
Lack of management!
Culture of superstition!
Sale of the religions by the sellers of the religion
Hypocrisy of the hypocrites?!
The hearts full of pains ?! ?!
The hands in the chains ?!?!
The truth hidden under the mask
The siclence of oppressed people ?!
The weaknesses and laziness of you and me?!
Who is responsible?
The people who name others responsible
Or the people are themselvs responsible?!
It wasn’t the word of God from the mouth of a leader of a revolution :
Kollohom raon va kollohom massoul,”
you have all the right to vote and you are all responsibles.
Then why nobody answer me ?!
Why nobody dare to answer me ?!
O responsible
Why are you all searching to point at the others as the responsible ?!
These people did that. Those people did this. Who are these and those?!
Who has hurted your heart?
Who has stolen your fruits?
If we don’t understand or we don’t want to understand,
If we don’t know or we dont want to know,
hundred years more, we will stay chained by sadness.