The week between 21-27 Ordibehesht (11-17 May) is known in Turkmensahra as the Week of Magtymguly. This week could also be named as the week of literature and culture artists as well as Turkmen intellectuals. During this week, in all the cities of Turkmensahra, literary and cultural ceremonies are being held, poets read their poems, researchers present their articles, and bahshis perform their songs based on poems of Magtymguly.

The Week of Magtymguly is a week in Turkmensahra when Turkmens preserve their identity, the Turkmen language is being revived and the goal of the Turkmen people is being put forth. These goals are just like the Turkmen wind, blowing from the Caspian Sea to the Jeyhun River.

Between the area of Jeyhun and the Caspian Sea

The Turkmen wind blows over the dessert


The first condition for a people to survive is to have its language survive. Magtymguly has played a fundamental role in this aspect. His language is the plain and open language of the Turkmen people. The divans of Magtymguly exist in the homes of the Turkmen and as long as these are sung by Turkmen bahshis, the Turkmen language shall never disappear. In this respect, the Turkmen people is one of the most lucky peoples on the world.
Turkmensahra has raised a great poet in the 18th century and this poet is today one of the most famous poets in the Turkish and international world. This manifests how rooted the literature, civilization and culture of the Turkmen people is.
The diwan of Magtymguly is a glass sphere in political, social, religious, sectual and ethical issues. It is defined as a symbol of preserving the identity of the Turkmen as well as their independence and freedom. The Week of Magtymguly is repeated every week creating an opportunity to breath for the cultural and literature artists, Turkmen intellectuals and nationalists. They gather around the grave monument of Magtymguly in Aqtoqay, claim the principles of Magtymguly and – in contradiction to the anti-Turkmen people and the enemies of oppressed people – they call for union and coalescence

When the feelings and the hearts beat together as one
The sands and stones melt when the rain falls down

When the meal cooked in the same table

Then enrich the future of all Turkmens

Congratulations for the Week of Magtymguly!

Let’s follow the way of Magtymguly!

سازمان آزادیبخش ترکمن صحرا – تورکمن صحرا آزادلیق قوراماسی