From: Morteza Jafari
I had a question from some of friends what if Mousavi won and is it going to be better.

Unfortunately, we forget the facts very fast. We all may remember one way or other who is Mousavi and what happened and what he has been doing.

I repeat over and over, we should not act or do anything with emotions only. The biggest problem we have is our illogical emotional reactionary behaviors. Either we get upset and revolt without really seeing the consequences, or we keep silent and watch without again knowing the consequences that how our silent can destroy us which was happening for last 3 decades.
Iranian people do not need leaders; they need awareness, awakening and deeper understanding. Individual leaders come and go but country and nations stay and we should measure them accordingly. Real revolution takes place when people are aware and they understand what they should do and what they are doing are leading to their goals. I am afraid it is not the case yet in Iran. This is a partial frustration. Unless people see and understand the necessity for a revolution, any superficial changes are going to lead to more years of suffering, keeping this system in power for long years, keeping Iran from real development and advancement, more dictatorship and dramatic consequences. Electing and supporting Khatami was a great example that we should learn lessons from. These individuals cannot take any action outside of their box called Islamic Republic fabricated by theologians. They fabricate even their own Islam with wrong interpretations and justifications! …

If even Mousavi is in power I do not think it is the best for Iran and its future.

Although, some evidences and documents show that Mousavi have won the election, when he was Prime Minister in 1980s we had over hundred thousand of young people executed in the jail because of their political views and different ideas! We had one of the most dictatorship and violent era after the revolution. The government was buying weapons from Americans and Westerns and negotiating with them behind the closed doors; in some cases, even they were begging Americans to sell them weapons triple of the real princes or even more expensive to continue the war, which cost life of over 1.5 millions from both side (Iran and Iraq). I was there and I was witnessing what they were doing. American and British administration later (early 1990s) confirmed that they were selling weapons to Both side for the sake of their national interest in spite it was prohibited by their own countries and UN! These individuals (Iranian government, Khamanei as president and Mousavi as the Prime Minister) delibrately continued war for 8 years and they made a Coup d’Etat against “Bani Sadr” early 1980s who was the first popular President elected by people. Mousavi himself is part of the machine that has been cheating people and people’s vote. We Iranians have a bad and short memory and forget the facts very fast and start trusting traitors over and over! It is time to wake up, be aware and understand the situations and all impacting factors and aim only the prosperity of the future of our country and our people. Following any individual or any specific ideology is going to be lethal for our nations in Iran. Understanding, awakening our intelligence and having principles that avoids destruction and lead us towards constructive actions may save us and lead us to prosperity.

Americans and other countries follow their own interests. Certainly, a right diplomatic relationship with them is necessary, but we should not follow their instruction blindly either. Obama is just an individual and part of the American system and administration. He will be following Americans interests and not ours. His sweet and apparently peaceful talks are just to convince public and let America to build its strengths again and gain the trust of Middle East, especially Muslims and follow its aggressive domination in more of diplomatic manner than just violent wars as Republican tend to do generally. I am not introducing any Anti-American or Anti-Western ideas here. I am only stating my understanding of the facts that we should understand the situation and follow constructive principles and keep right, fair, friendly, and diplomatic relationship with everyone as an individual and with all countries as a country. We should not fall into trap of any misleading ideas, individuals or countries. It is important to note that peaceful, democratic and more intelligent cohabitation is something that we all seek for.

Regards: Morteza Jafari