In the recent days such bizarre events have been experienced in Iran that they made people’s hackles rise. It is so astonishing that in the Islamic Republic so disastrous murders have been committed in the name of Islam and Shiite. In the horrifying prisons of the Regime of Vali-ye Faqih, young girls and boys were subjected to sexual harassment. …  

The ones that criticized the sexual harassments committed by the American soldiers in the Iraqi prisons and exploited this fact as a way of propaganda against the USA, are doing the same today. It is really astounding that the Mullahs of the regime performed these dirty and grievous practices on their own citizens. These men professedly had exported Islam to the world. They stained the Islam and its spirituality that, if the clergymen by holding off do not condemn these mean activities as one voice without wasting time, that black stain would clinch into the history of Islam forever. 

Previously, we have heard that a group of Mullah Community temporally marry pretty-appearance wives of the individuals that had been martyrs on the front line and that they have an enormous appetite to hold the widowed women. We heard that they never give the opportunity of being with the other men to the widowed women who would like to have information about the temporary marriage. However, they abused the well-educated and intellectual and aggrieved female and male children, who have been put into prison only because they voted against the government and who have no power but are the future of the country, so beastly that these events demonstrate the fact that dirtiness and disgrace are at their peaks.

These are that peoples that during the years prior to the revolution, due to the provision of Khomeini they raped the young girls before their executions in order not to let them to go to the heaven. They temporally married those young girls to make their harassment acceptable on the realm of the God. In that time, they named those poor girls as hypocrites and infidels. However, they perform the same sexual harassments today on the young people who are coming out of the system and have been raised within the revolution. They hang muzzled women and men on the gallows in the open squares of the city with the motto of “Order goodness, reject the evil”. 

Which Islam are they talking about? Which Islam are they going to use to set as an example for the Palestinian and Lebanon people?

The Iranian people have known them for years. However, in other countries there are still some people who believe the lies of the regime. But now, they have the opportunity to see the real face of the Vali-ye Faqih regime as well.

Today, the USA and Israel do not make any propaganda against the Islamic Republic. A close friend of Ayatollah Khomeini and the sixth speaker of the Majlis, Karrubi demonstrates the sexual harassments committed in the prisons with competent documents and evidence.

Would Vali-ye Faqih regime really like to export such kind of an Islam to the world? Is this the light Ahmadinejad declared to see in the speech he delivered during the United Nations meeting?

The activists of the regime should know that they could not ensure the continuity of their government with creating harassment, pressure and fear. The developments display that rapists are afraid of the furor of the people. The day, in which the damnation and cry of the aggrieved young people would take down the trembling roots of the regime, is not so far away. 

سازمان آزادیبخش ترکمن صحرا – تورکمن صحرا آزادلیق قوراماسی