Iraq is the historical land for Turkmens. Turkmens arrived in this territory from Turkmenistan which is the land of their ancestors more than one thousand years before. They created a great part of this country’s history and culture.

The Turkmen nation is such a nation that any place from the Central Asia to India, Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey and Syria, from Lebanon to North Africa and the hearth of Europe bears a trace of them.

In Iraq, Turkmens have played a great role in the past and present of the country together with other nations and will continue to do so. Their rule of one thousand years in this land is the witness to their role in Iraq.

Iraq is now preparing for a very important election. March 7 is the election day of Iraq. Turkmens should participate in the elections in an active way and thus display the entire world their unity and coalescence.

Some seek to initiate conflict among Iraqi Turkmens on the axis of denomination. Some foreign forces want to drift the country towards instability by creating sectarian conflict. This time they try to diminish the role of Turkmens in Iraq by using the sectarian element. Those forces seek to divide the Turkmens into two and thus prevent the Turkmen candidates from entering the parliament and the Turkmen deputies from protecting their rights.

Iraqi Turkmens will indicate that they pursue their long term interests by voting for their candidates with high turnout who advocate the Turkmen identity without making any denominational discrimination. It has been proven through experience that no nation in Iraq favors the interests of the Turkmen nation.

Therefore, lesson should be leant from the past experiences. The period of voting on the basis of religion is over. Experience has indicated that particularly in North Iraq other ethnic groups vote for their own ethnicity without taking denomination and religion into account. It has been proven that the factors determining the interest of the nations are “nationality, language and race”.

Iraqi Turkmens should learn lessons from the situation of the regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran. They have to prevent the foundation of a state based on religion that separates people from one another and leave the solution to the people of their own ethnicity.

For, those who will advocate the rights of their own nation are the Turkmen representatives only.

As Turkmensahra Liberation Organization, we invite all the Turkmens of Iraq to unity and coalescence and expect them as a strong united body to vote for Turkmen candidates and prevent other groups from abusing their votes. We want Iraq’s Turkmens not to divide votes and to vote for the Turkmen candidates that will advocate the national interests of Turkmens only.

Now, all the Turkmens in the world who live in places such as Iran, Afghanistan, and Turkmenistan are watching the Iraqi elections attentively. Now it is the exam of Iraqi Turkmens. A sensitive process is lying ahead of them. This process is the one that all the Turkmens of the world are observing carefully. Turkmens have to turn out for the election definitely so as to have a say over Iraq’s future in particular Kirkuk. Iraq’s Turkmens will display a unity that will set an example through the votes they will cast this time and determine their own future.

سازمان آزادیبخش ترکمن صحرا – تورکمن صحرا آزادلیق قوراماسی