Turkmen Germany
Turkmen Germany

Cologne, 20 May 2010 (nCa) — The Turkmen diaspora in Germany and their German friends celebrated  the Day of  Unity, Revival and the Poetry of Magtymguly Fragy .The event  was organized by the Turkmen Club of Cologne and the German – Turkmen Cultural Institute and gathered more than 150 people.

The German  Turkmen Cultural Institute is a branch of the German – Turkmen Forum and is chaired by Mr. Cambis Gesseljay, a well known businessman from Cologne. It aims at conveying a present-day picture of Turkmenistan in Germany, promoting the Turkmen culture and cultural heritage in Germany, establishing contacts, meetings and exchanges between Turkmen and German artists, poets, sportsmen and students and organizing cultural events, exhibitions and festivals.

Guestspeaker was Dr. Dieter Matthei who elaborated on Magtymguly`s poetry and on Magtymguly`s ideas on humanity and patriotism. His message was that after more than two hundred years Magtymguly`s dreams have come true.  Today “the tribes are brothers”  indeed as the national anthem of Independent and Permanent Neutral Turkmenstan reads.

The audience listened to Magtymguly`s poems recited by children and enjoyed a typical Turkmen atmosphere povided by Turkmen music, dishes and dances. Movie clips displayed the beauty of the Turkmen landscape, the cultural heritage of the country and the achievements of modern Turkmenistan that is experiencing a new revival.

Turkmen and Germans used this opportunity to get closer to each another and to intensify their dialog for the benefit of both countries.

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