Akbar Mohammadi

`Akbar Mohammadi

Akbar Mohammadi (Persian: اکبر محمدی , 1972 – July 30, 2006) was an Iranian student at Tehran University involved in the 18th of Tir crisis, also known as the July 1999 Iran student protests, Iran’s biggest pro-democracy demonstrations since the 1979 Islamic Revolution. He was given a death sentence for his role in the protest -a sentence later reduced to 15 years in prison.

On July 30, 2006, he died at Evin prison at the age of 37. He had been on a hunger strike for more than a week, reportedly protesting the refusal by the authorities to allow him to seek proper medical treatment for life threatening injuries suffered as a result of torture.

Mr. Mohammadi’s attorney, Khalil Bahramian, said that according to fellow detainees of his client, he “had been savagely beaten by prison guards in the past few days and that he was carrying the signs of the beatings”. … Mr. Mohammadi’s violent death has caused a major outcry in Iran, where the violation of Human Rights by the Islamic Republic continues to be significant. As of 3 August 2006, Human Rights Watch has called on the Iranian government to allow immediately for an “independent investigation into the suspicious death in prison of student activist Akbar Mohammadi”. This call has been supported by hundreds of leading Iranian personalities and groups .

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