Merey Ismailova

Merey Ismailova – Theatre of Dance

Neighbourhood Arts Network:

About: Ismailova Theatre of Dance brings theatre and dance together to express sincere feelings, tell real stories, show touching characters and dreams through original choreography. Dancers and actors of Ismailova Theatre of Dance work in various dance styles such as classical ballet, contemporary dance, traditional folk dance, commercial dance, contact improvisation, musical theatre, physical theatre.
The Ismailova Theatre of Dance regularly performs on various stages of the city and provides educational opportunities in dance, acting and singing.

Thoughts about art and community:

One of the missions of Ismailova Theatre of Dance is to involve the Toronto’s community into dance and theatre arts. We don’t want artists to be isolated. Along with creating professional performances we also provide opportunities for people from across Toronto to learn dance, theatre and singing and to participate in performances for the community.
To get more information about our free community programs please send us an email or give us a call.