Sabakujin: The Harvest: Since moving to a new house harvest, so too were more rapidly every day, I was surprised to have entered the May date is too soon.
Today, I finally finished the construction of gas pipe took me three days. Within the electricity does not come yet, was the work of placing the generator in the garden. The oil is lost or becomes corrupted or generator in the middle, work should finish in a day if a house with electricity seems to have been prolonged. After this arrangement (! Telegraph pole) is waiting for water pipes and electricity. Electricity but it still takes a long time, I can take a shower when the water supply can be installed, can also washing in the house. Should become much easier. Now washing for meal preparation and cleanup will have to tap the side of the cow shed, are washing. Washing, it became really easy to wash together in a washing machine because of the house of Yusuf. Three months lived in the house of Nasser, since he had been washed by hand in the bathroom what Nantes. … While others were stretched when I realized I Sabuzu~i garden, wearing a flower. It is time to harvest, and along time, but I knew, he was not even every day Sabuzu~i-off time. I wonder what you’re doing.

Khalil also continue to work in the fields dark days

Khalil also continue to work in the fields dark days

katakana) also referred to as “ot” in Turkmen language. But to eat as it is washed by pinching, goes well with any meal pungently. I eat a bowl full of expression, though this is Khalil.

The shining

Dill was to treat the check while in the house of Khalil Harima sister. She is very good cook, a skill that told me that he be hired as a cook about such as weddings.

Family eat things

Turkmen, be sure to eat the whole family. I think I probably tend to such whole of Iran. Cause the audience even when, as at home surrounding the table. Without a luxury, so they entertain their tradition of doing the as much as possible at home, or to take me to a restaurant is so rude.
Photo of when I was invited to the house of Harima in a few years ago, was to be used on Japanese TV the way.

“World ranking of Neptun & Imoto NTV
(Fri) 8:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. May 11

But may not displayed only about one second, if anyone saw the show, please tell me its contents come later.

A half months, gas and electricity has not come yet moved to a new house. Water is so attached to the shower and bathroom handwashing lavatory, but do not have eased only minutes to draw water, there is a problem for quite (?) Of water structural defects. This is because, but does it work tap water comes from the town were once the tank reservoir in the veranda, come down from the aquarium that flow into the house, the water

automatically by filling up the tank not stop, surplus water flows from the main cock he would veranda and garden. In order to prevent it, but it is closed by hand Halil the main valve each time the tank is full, but there is a water pressure of about pumped water into the tank of the third floor, so the middle of the night often, overslept on without noticing the full the next morning, the garden has been flooded and would. Of course, come and claim that minute.

That aside, in addition to the head 4 calf head and three cows every day, so had to take care of the head 11 lamb head and 10 sheep have been Tsurekae~tsu from the desert, even have time to return to the desert sheep a few days ago to breathe did not. But come Tsurekae~tsu within can not go about the flock lamb that was just born so weak, that can not take care of shepherds, and Tsuredashi to grassland herds from the morning, eat the grass for a while, repeat the … bring back and squeeze the milk to give the water if familiar in the evening, he is also a day-long job to take care of only 20 sheep. Khalil will take care of the sheep overall, I was busy with the day to take care of food and tea and cattle.

Lamb was born last season

I think, but ended in May, several events occurred in this month and let us write down the following articles.

Had not enjoyed for a while the grass began to grow in the spring it all at once, also you can see, the summer seems to come more Kumishutepe. Withered grass that eliminates the color gradually changes into a golden field of barley also simultaneously.

Childhood friend of Khalil) someone with a certain someone’s wheat field is

Barley, wheat, on the right is

Fragrant flowers in the desert one day I found, was also in bloom near the house. To form clumps on the side of the waterway that flows into the Caspian Sea is a masterpiece. I thought I would someday knob on both hands full this year, finally could not take that time. Sorry.