Tow Earthquakes in west Azerbaijan

Tow Earthquakes in west Azerbaijan

Sympathy Message

Hojanepes News: With all the news about the massive 6.2-magnitude earthquake that occurred in Iran‘s East Azarbaijan province Vrzqan and Ahar and killed more than 300 people, injured and displaced more than 5,000 people are Azeri. Provided these statistics while still under the rubble of two large village of Ahar and Vrzqan deemed that this statistic is increasing all the time. We as a nation and a fellow Azerbaijani Eilat condolences and concern expressed their condolences to the survivors of those killed have demanded patience and forgiveness for all.

Because of the painful events of such a tyrant and a despotic government in which all nations are in the nation’s nuclear ambitions and spending public funds to be sold something other than life, property and honor of our people, we know. Moments after that painful incident doesn’t joined the government of ignorance and crime not only to rescue accident victims, even the so-called radio and television coverage of any event was piteous, but Komil pray and restoring worked out brainwashed with prayers petrous, Bashar al-Assad to send humanitarian aid and it has to fall. !

Where in the world with advanced technology to prevent such events to raise environmental facilities are urban citizens and fortifications, the lie of the earthquake disaster losses in terms of spreading false data in order to befool the people of rural and urban fortifications provided that such incidents are the result of people do it. This clashes by the regime with came situation again face the evil, lying and extortion in the provinces show that the rights of the Iranian people. !

Once again its full sympathy with the Azeri people and injured survivors seeking to have patience.