August 13, 2012
Following two back to back earthquakes of August 11, 2012 in Azerbaijan region of Iran, on August 12, 2012, and in respond to the invitation of the A.E.R. Committee, many of the concerned citizens gathered in Heydarbaba Newspapers’ headquarters and along with giving their mandate to the Committee to  organize the relief efforts, donated $2, 200 CAD to the A.E.R. Committee in which $2000 of this amount was designated to be sent to a local relief provider in Tabriz by the name of Mostamandan Charity Organization and $200 was designated to be given to the Canadian Red Cross. It is worth to mention that these donations were made prior to start of the A.E. R. Committee’s fundraising campaign. 

During this general meeting, the concerned citizens mandated the committee to act as the following in the fastest and most efficient manner:

In order to have more than one option for donors, the A.E.R. Committee shall raise money and based on the preference of each donor use one of the two available channels to send the funds to the victims of the earthquake:

 1-Canadian Red Cross,

 2- The local charity organization in Tabriz by the name of Mostamandan Charity Organization (www.  Mostamandan  .ir) which is a well known and non-governmental humanitarian and charity organization engaged in humanitarian activities for more than fifty years.

How the Donations will be collected?

1- Those who chose to donate their money to Canadian Red Cross, should make their cheques payable to the Red Cross and provide their names and full addresses. Or they can pay cash to A.E.R. Committee and receive a receipt for it. The cash donations to A.E.R. Committee will be deposited in Canadian Red Cross’s Account periodically and the receipt along with the list of donors will be published in Special Editions of Heydarbaba Newspaper on weekly basis.

2- Those who chose to donate their money directly to the local charity organization in Tabriz (Mostamandan Charity Organization) will pay their cash donation to A.E.R. Committee and this Committee will send the donations to the charity organization in Tabriz and the list of individual donations, donors names/code names, and the amounts paid along with the proof of delivery will be published on Special Editions of Heydarbaba Newspaper on weekly basis.


1- As the printed tool of the A.E.R. Committee, Heyderbaba Newspaper will publish special edition volumes on weekly basis and in order of maximum transparency the details of donations and how and where they have been sent will be published.  The donors can check these details under their names, nicknames or provided code numbers.

2-  The donors who donate more than $20 CAD will receive receipts that might be used for tax deductions.

3- The potential donors can bring their monetary donations in Heydarbaba Newspaper’s headquarters from 10:00 AM to 9:00Pm. Also the members of the Azerbaijan Earthquake Relief Committee will be in this headquarters from 6:00PM to 9:00 Pm on daily basis.

We thank you in advance for your anticipated generosity and compassion.


Azerbaijan Earthquake Relief Committee

 Trurkish: 001- 416-897-7831
English: 001-416-473-4560

Addrees: 511 McNicoll Ave, Suite:203,Toronto,ON M2H 2C9    10am  to  9pm