Kumushdepe Halilabat

Kumishdepe Halilabat

Introduction of Hojanepes News: This notes a series of memoirs of a Swedish Turkmen family who they come to back home after their Trkmnshra is. It is the owner’s wife, that lady from Japan, the author of this note. She is trying to share all the experiences and knowledge in the form of a series of diaries in order to form a quiet life in the Old City of Kumishdepe collateralize the Trkmnshra.

توضیح خوجه نفس نیوز: عنوان این یادداشت “زندگی در دشتهای سرسبز تورکمنصحرا” مجموعه ای از خاطرات یک خانواده ترکمن سوئدی بعداز برگشت به وطن اصلی خود ترکمنصحرا می باشد. همسر صاحب این پروژه که بانویی از کشور ژاپن می باشد، نویسنده این یادداشتها است. وی تلاش دارد تمام تجارب و آموخته های شریک خود را در قالب مجموعه ایی از خاطرات در راستای تشکیل یک زندگی آرام و نمونه در شهر قدیمی کومیش دپه در ترکمنصحرا بکار بگیرد.

 Desert People . . .                                                       Kumishdepe Halilabat

The Garden: Advanced in development, such as, not so much like a garden. The other day, Nasser showed up so leveled the ground with the tractor, I have become quite easy to walk. It was very pretty to walk on uneven ground with a rubber sandals suffer from hay. Since we now wearing sneakers parents sent me, but I can even skip.

Although not visible from a distance, by collecting and chewy except rubble and dust that has fallen in the garden, he became much content is also beautiful garden. I thought because they fall even discarded candy wrappers and plastic bags even if discarded, would come from and where together, tending I seem to have picked up from the garbage dump, apparently. And not get hungry for food, I seem to have trawled dumpsite.

On the right, mix it into a special sand and soil for growing vegetables and flowers from the middle of the garden. That you have done so to create soil, told me that I sow in early spring next year.

Behold Great field of Neighbors (mid-July)

Behold Great field of Neighbors (mid-July)

Part of the development of the field, which is not progressing at all from mid-July, what would it be. He is worth digging a large hole in one wall of the field on the ground, replace the soil, planting flowers and vegetables and Khalil. Nevertheless, among the eight pieces of the plan have not yet dug only two pieces.



Carpet: Carpeting in the house that I am still not in place. Such as walls still painted cement floors and bare Konrito, but he remains at the time of the move. Although he was new carpet on the floor of the concrete finally recently, I must further cut to fit the room because you have cut large. I’m long overdue plight that this work also, the end of the carpet are curled here and there. I was told about when Khalil cousin of “wealthy” came, “What? Whether you live in a warehouse” and. Even if you say so, but here in Kumishutepe IKEA as well not even home improvement. I do not come no matter how many times it is also public services also contacted rug shop, most things do not go smoothly. Because it takes some money in a big house, there is only little by little on their own advance anything moreover. I would also mother-in-law bought me the way this carpet.

A view هnside the building

A view inside of the building

By carpeted Still, I should now be much easier to leg. (Nikki just how wild do) much, Khalil because he was walking barefoot on concrete. Since I had spent wearing flip flops even in the house, I’m still do carpeted. I’m not in pain and Kanawha soles walking barefoot. But was convinced legs hurt and blame was wearing rubber sandals outside, it may have been to blame for perhaps concrete floor. Will it get better in the future.
Before you lay the carpet, I cleaned the part of the wall of the house went to bed. This part, I wonder what is called, in Japan and Sweden, but the part that made ​​of wood, marble in Iran seems in general. Whether such work because of the floor after the paste stones, the marble had been with a lot of cement. Scrape with a knife dropped them all, … and wipe with a rag, and I did was to clean the house this big stone over many days.

Even after the work of painting the walls, cleaning the same wonder waiting. Touring from the end with the craftsmen paint, nothing Kkya wipe out the dirt with the marble does not dry. ….