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Introduction of Hojanepes News: This notes a series of memoirs of a Swedish Turkmen family who they come to back home after their Turkmensahra is. It is the owner’s wife, that lady from Japan, the author of this note. She is trying to share all the experiences and knowledge in the form of a series of diaries in order to form a quiet life in the Old City of Kumishdepe collateralize the Turkmensahra.

توضیح خوجه نفس نیوز: عنوان این یادداشت “زندگی در دشتهای سرسبز تورکمنصحرا” مجموعه ای از خاطرات یک خانواده ترکمن سوئدی بعداز برگشت به وطن اصلی خود ترکمنصحرا می باشد. همسر صاحب این پروژه که بانویی از کشور ژاپن می باشد، نویسنده این یادداشتها است. وی تلاش دارد تمام تجارب و آموخته های شریک خود را در قالب مجموعه ایی از خاطرات در راستای تشکیل یک زندگی آرام و نمونه در شهر قدیمی کومیش دپه در ترکمنصحرا بکار بگیرد.

Kumishdepe’s kids

The first day of “”Id – il-Adha” Part 1

Gurban morning  – The first day of the bayram (Festival of Sacrifice) , Khalil was going to the Mosque to pray with his brother Jeriru before breakfast. In the civil service, is the younger brother of intellectuals Jeriru  who works for Customs. He speak a little English, so for me it is easy to take it’s a communication partner.

After taking a lot breakfast at the three people, I was walking towards  the house of Nasser. Cattle and sheep in the town have been loosed everywhere. So I can not remember what my imagination had any views, see it before the actual scene was intense. Have Omomuroni handle the meat, people also red blood water is flowing and waterways, road and drainage ditches. Although it surprisingly easy to kill a sheep or cow, but it will take a time before dying. I am from the landscape are killing cattle, I was instinctively look away.

Well, we sacrifice of which had come from the desert brought me in the house of Nasser. The animals would have been trembling with fear to the death of his own intuition I think it ltatamarenai. Livestock had to say to myself is not pet, and, because it has been bought to it.

Family of three minutes Pammadaiza (mother-in-low), Nasser and Khalil, sacrifice of sheep this year was the triceps. Because of the large casw of cattle, seems to share the number of head of the family. However it seems a high price of sheep meat better than cattle.

Nasser was loosened with a whopping triceps. One of them is also head of 45kg, no birth experience even once, it is said to have been a very good sheep. But have been lifting together with his wife when hung, it was terribly heavy man of great strength, even if two people have. With skin, I will cut off the flesh from the internal organs out. Time-consuming as it requires the force Ki, I found that a lot of hard work but just looking at the edges. I was saying that Nasser brought me a big meat in the evening, the hip is painful.
know. I was saying that Nasser brought me a big meat in the evening, the hip is painful.

While you are judging the flesh, came begging to knock on the door. But seems to have and ask me a sheep’s foot, I seem to have raised a little money after all. Sheep are also likely to eat cooked leg, raised to neighbors, the two books are the remaining two had been the wife of Nasser preparation is to clean. Beggars know that it was the Persians who came from afar later, I was surprised. Is it poor than Turkmen? I asked Khalil, and here is economically because it looks so relatively rich in meat-producing area. Indeed, the ability to sacrifice any of the house, it might be difficult in urban.

I know. I was saying that Nasser brought me a big meat in the evening, the hip is painful.
While you are judging the flesh, came begging to knock on the door. But seems to have and ask me a sheep’s foot, I seem to have raised a little money after all. Sheep are also likely to eat cooked leg, raised to neighbors, the two books are the remaining two had been the wife of Nasser preparation is to clean. Beggars know that it was the Persians who came from afar later, I was surprised. Is it poor than Turkmen? I asked Khalil, and here is economically because it looks so relatively rich in meat-producing area. Indeed, the ability to sacrifice any of the house, it might be difficult in urban.

The slaughter at the hands of their own livestock-Adha, eat their flesh. In Japan, in developed countries, or in urban areas would be a real celebration or so. Unfortunately, it has become a dead letter is most celebrations, I seem to have ended up with superficial events. Sunny day of Turkmen, was something deeply rooted in life like this. Not only auspicious, it is a little tired.
Romi husband festival of sacrifice
The day after I wrote the story of her husband Romi still fall short, Chi-chan to be adults completely Lomita husband caught a bird very much. I had to jump quickly caught, the bird that has wandered into the house.


Hold mouth flapping birds move, husband Romi was looking for a suitable place to walk around the house. Enters the bottom of the bench, because it was raised and almost beat-like ん Cha Chi “~ c” “c ~”, he laughed involuntarily and with Khalil. It seems to have continual breath bird at a very early stage, Romi husband was playing with pressed or released, as it’s either still alive though. I was glad it would considerably. Hunt’s first husband was happy too Romi us. Going to be unforgettable memories of the first day of Adha.
Last Sun-Adha(Gurban celebrate)
Adha begins tomorrow. Festival of Sacrifice is the largest celebration of the year for the Turkmen. The slaughter of livestock such as sheep and cattle, told me that he eat the meat fresh. Over a relative’s house, and tea also be the case of course. We’re now ready to start the clean up any home, prepared tea and sweets, greeted the audience. I seem to be a little more uplifting mood of the people.
But there were also around greeting relatives even when the celebration of Ramadan dawning, I am a reasonably well prepared for sweets, but I’m afraid to remember how much did what hospitality. Because of them lived to lay the cardboard on the floor of the concrete as a bonus, they are cozy and audience would have been considerable bad. Younger who is going to visit the house of older relatives told me that it is a customary way.
Since we know that the relatives will come, prepare tea, sweets, and fruit is everything. Since time is also barely cut the floor carpet, carpet that is mother-in-law gave me, over a vacuum cleaner to clean, well-appointed room has been finally.
Proud of Turkmen carpet. Handmade
So buy a little plus tableware, so this time I’m already without an aluminum dish. I think it’s quit entertain everyone at the table because it seems cozy evil, trying to spread a table setting Sufura on the floor.
The CAT: This, you’ve got to Na? Yes, the first three animals.
Khalil finds early this morning had been abandoned near the house, I had picked up in the afternoon. If you go in this vein, out in the coming year will have been to the house cat. He thought I think I’ll die if not helped, but it was only picking up. Hallam is a cat, because the people do not help anyone other than me.
A new member, and her husband Romi Chi does not show much interest. Threatening the “Sha~tsu” Chi-chan and the kitten close, run away. It seems a little scary animals that mysterious husband Romi.
At this, her husband and Romi Chi was becoming a very good relationship. Become quite clever, Chan Chi sister grew up in a nice cat of unreasonableness. Chan Chi is like watching step back one thing husband Romi of nature open-mouthed, in a low voice and speaking! “Chan Chi” when feeding I who receive a signal without fail. Romi husband is always looking at the eyes of respect that the Chi-chan with a superior skill other. Or have ever caught a bird, or climb to a high place, to a small Romi husband still have a lot of admiration behavior.


Chi-chan, nice.
Day and night, after each lick each other and cuddle Playin ‘, but two dogs to sleep with the body and stick.


Unique personality, Romi husband is becoming idle existence of our garden. So we approached themselves without fear of dogs and cattle, did also familiar animals, there is no longer a threat against her husband to Romi.
Was watching from the second floor when there, the husband Romi was playing near the feeding grounds of cattle, Chi-chan’s mother approached. Gallup husband Romi is groan and Wu! I thought what to do with and he cried, and so King barked Doggy tending is approached, his mother Chi-chan ran away reluctantly. Then, if you have a cow licked licking from behind, Romi husband was helped to the dogs and I have already been impressed Well I’m liked by everyone.


Romi husband trying to get the bait mixed with the dogs
Chi-chan’s mother coming in within the time and sometimes even now, I’m Romi and her husband quarrel with Chi. Because it does not seem to have come to reclaim the Chi-chan anymore, I might be a turf war. So that there is no father at all in favor, Chi-chan, but I would all the time escape into the house at full speed even so. I and cruel.
Drainage problem
I thought life had settled down and become able to use electricity, gas, water, boil the problem comes from the next to the next. The following issues are looming, but “drainage” frankly.
Wastewater Chino jar is as flowing through the tube in front of the house of one book. Water flows out to the front of the house to lower ground, little by little at the entrance to the neighbor’s house, puddle that was a little forced. You can serve plenty of sand, One day, My neighbors he was approaching the water flow has stopped. Pools of water began to flow back towards the entrance of the out then.


Green wastewater. Began to flow like a moat in front of the entrance of this house. The Khalil had been out on the bike while successfully ward off the water, because the water has been forced to the edge of the entrance to the rest, it’s only a matter of time.
To request, but a problem is there is no drainage ditch. But until then it says if there is no drainage ditch in front of the house is the norm because we can not do roads, what I would thing. Of course, I have asked Khalil is “me to develop a drainage” and passed the (town) community from a long time ago. However, this is by way of example get nowhere. I also self-development drainage ditch! I thought, the material out of town spits out construction costs, and is likely to be borne by their neighbors and their breakfast salary of workers. Neighbors will not be there in hand, would be enough if it somehow.
But I was wondering whether I will dig temporary drainage channels with one shovel, and the community is said to have promised to start construction after-Guruban of Byram (Festival of Sacrifice) as of today. Well I think, but do not trust, until the end of next week festival attempts have been quiet.
Bamboo blind
Finally one, bamboo blind that I was making was completed in drops. I was working so I do not know how to make tedious, morale does not rise as well because Shoboi material was thrown out many times on the way.


Bamboo pole that I’ve been brought back from the desert. I have become all muddy Amazarashi during the winter, because the base had been buried in the ground. Khalil said in this and make a bamboo blind.

First, it is from where Re wash the bamboo. While the water outage continues as usual, stop the water has stopped, leaving the perseverance is tried by repeated washing. But has become better recently, water outage of Kumishutepe of during the summer, it was something rather than stop the water a few hours during the day, just leave a little for about 30 minutes early in the morning, then the water will not come out all the way was. Out because they pump water from the water tank in the house, there was no water problem as long as there is electricity, there is no water tank house must have been hard.

Wash and dry bamboo pole that I was cut slightly larger than the size of the window frame now. Since bamboo is in the cavity, I can easily cut it with a saw unexpectedly.


Trim the length of bamboo pole that was connected by a rope that will bundle the hay. Tie a rope to the railing of the corridor twice, it’s a work of pulling. Alternately to the rope wrapped around bamboo pole, and finally had a ball knot.
Was observed prior to some bamboo blind Ru work, divided in half and bamboo, and many have been bundled with thin state. Since there is no tool to break the bamboo within Unfortunately, this is one proof this whole bunch. The string for bundling then, there were many things that are made​​, such as using the string tore clothes. If you are flexible, surely it good.
It takes many days all told, I completed a small bamboo blind for windows finally. Even though he said smaller, in preparation for the storm that might come tonight, Khalil I got down to the large windows.


I want something on this side of the house, so shabby. It lowered the bamboo blind that do not fit the size, you do not smell it has become poor and more! Sheet of silver which is attached to the wall are those used in most of the western side of the house, it told me that one of the measures for sea breeze.
Will this really help prevent wind and rain is bamboo blind? But I want to end up with this anymore, I must make one more essential bamboo blind for large window. Give me a break – Chestnut
Insect bites?
Lately, insect bites were in a bad way. Before, may have been stung badly to something mites that live in bed actually. Because at that time was resolved by the day or hang out with drugs or to disinfect the bedding, but had completely forgotten the problem, I came this time also. Khalil said it would be 100% insect that comes about cats. Every night, in the futon, Chi-chan Romi husband sleep because it rests on the futon, it’s because of that that he. It seems to be evidence that even though I have not been stung Khalil, only when I have bites intensively.
But he was asleep on tearfully, cats are shut out of the room to sleep, dried over futon medicine also there, he had increased the rash still morning. It’s a momentum of doubling it. I woke up in the middle of the night in a little itchy, I could not sleep. Have mixed with those of such magnitude were mosquito bites, small things like mites, but I’m not sure of what exactly is rash or a bug. Take a look on the white sheets in the morning, that ant carrying a piece of food or something that one animal, I was walking. I tried to assumption and I think there was an ant bite, too many rash in spite of that one little ant bite, but it seems very much different. This is not a flying insect in any case, it would be insects crawling on the body. Been stabbed in the stomach so per turn red.
Go to the pharmacy, to Khalil got I bought a powerful insecticide and anti-itch. In the pharmacy is said to have received a well advised to look for the sheets, identify the type of insect. Such a terrible insect bites and also have never heard of. Only within, no, I’ve got what I gallinipper just me?
Itching feel as bad as I can not concentrate on things, such as rash have increased steadily during the day I will nevertheless. Where it is painted and squeak like crazy itch that does not work, I did have a brainwave Khalil. “Is it? Is not allergy” and.
I also came with a pin to its words. This must be a hay allergy. In response to cow hay is doing every day, I have a rash out. Because I remember wondering where a few days ago, was stuck a few hay Speaking of which, if the swelling was red, it would think it was the beginning of the allergic symptoms.
Talking to mother-in-law, in which case do swim in the sea, wash the salt water body is likely to do. Immediately washed with brine body that night, the next day itching subsided considerably, I was weakened rash. Wisdom of the mother-in-law, that great. People with allergies to hay, in Kumishdepe told me that he nevertheless rare. Anyway, I was good to know the cause.
Na and said there had been, I went too rash arms what Khalil. We thought it in one hand to take over the care of the cattle. “Moist”, not only help in this also. Tohoho …

Kepir Chekke (Kind of fish)

I ate the fish of the Caspian Sea that Chekke “. It is said to be more expensive than Chontori fish are often eaten. It was a good thing feel so alive, and so I got to swim Dashi what Nasser’s wife made ​​the preparations, and grab with both hands.



(Grill in the oven) kebab


Chekke is said to be a kind of carp. Or because carp that inhabit the sea, no smell at all, there is a sweetness. If the fish Chontori of people, this is a noble fish. Just because I can eat fried in oil typically be Chekke, I tried the grill today. Seems to be becoming a little fish on the Turkmen Preference If the grill, and rice, how I can cook to put oil and salt.


Good-natured wife of Nasser. Thank you very much I have all the time


Kepir Chekke the fly (at a later date)
Garagurokku and puppies were transferred to Nantei came back unexpectedly one morning. Shepherd since moved to the field that is far from Nantei, I may have to come back bait is gone. Dogs get drenched child was running happily chasing Garagurokku. You should also be able to swim across the waterway now.

Among the puppy was born seven animals, one animal was stolen. Two animals died from the disease it looks when you are in Nantei. Very wise, bitch called “awe” come Tobihane was all the time one animal of them to us. The puppies because there was already individuality of each, I will be really painful feeling gone.

Puppies but looks healthy increases all, I was surprised the first time in the growth of male dog named “Japon” in particular. It seems I’ve been away in a face is similar to Garagurokku Kirili. Flags of the forehead above all alive and well.