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Life of Turkmen-Saharan

Futon I clean up one work that much leave them alone. It can be sewn into a quilt cover comforter. So troublesome, cover a long time he had been used as a sheet across the bottom of the futon this also. …

Turkmen Cover

Turkmen Cover in home Halil

The quilt, handmade mother-in-law’s. Cotton is on and that I have been stopped in thick thread here and there. Size is sufficiently large enough for use by two people one piece. I thought when I saw for the first time, I wish to make is quite similar to the Japanese futon. However, I remember when I knew must be sewn by hand, duvet cover, I came to feel like a want to cry like exasperating. Why?, Just at the time I moved to Kumishutepe slip type to a long time ago, such as near a hundred years compared to Japan and Sweden, because I felt that the inconvenience to all of the day-to-day. When Nasser became the wife of the room is to place a sheet, put the futon, “Let’s Sew” Well, those feelings have been spring. Is not a standard size futon? Is not zippered cover? Not such a big sewing a futon on every wash! And. Is, even though I had been the wife of Nasser washing the sheets.
Yet as time went by, I come with giving up. You will end up with tens of minutes even sew by hand, how much time it is because I have plenty of carefree living. When I made this futon sure, remove the cotton from the cotton, sew by hand the dough futon, mother-in-law, he would put the cotton was quilting. Some people while raising ten children, while also taking care of the cattle, while weaving a carpet, he was also a futon Nu~tsu many pieces. From the mother-in-law was, no doubt something of a mystery, such as the explosion of my feelings. Come to think of it, I was listening to Halil “Kumite What is it?’m Not angry” at the time and many times. Wahaha …

Apricot cake

Becoming cold, instead of putting a gas oven stove because the increase, I now can bake or grill the meat and vegetables. Oven gas is convenient to use and easy stuff than I thought. And especially warm bread, freshly baked reborn as people become crisp heat.

Run out of the apricot was first immersed in summer, I baked a cake. I stir things mix well with oil 200g and 250g sugar, mix in addition to 3 eggs, 2 tsp baking powder sifted the flour and 375g. Flowed into the fabric type, (Ru A surplus of coconut powder, shake well) Bake in the oven side by side apricot brown. I can not explain well even been heard recently, but he was able to become fuzzy temperature control, what you’re doing. I bake a good look at the condition of the fire and burnt condition. In this formulation the outside of the cake is a little burnt, so better to slightly reduce the amount of oil it might be good.
But you are using a liquid or semi-solid oil to the creation of semi-sweet by the way, adjust the quantity of this oil is very difficult because it was using the butter or margarine until now. But it says “pure vegetable ghee” in English oil cans, it would be what kind of oil? Khalil says that it is dangerous oil (? Overweight).

I just can not risk that capacity 16kg

We seem Turkmen are using this huge cooking oil cans. Two eyes in two months can 5kg, Uchino even though I have not only used the way candy. Quique-pin

I’m a little smart but became

Calle Patche

Best food, but it is likely to Calle Patche winter morning. This dish, it’s what I stewed sheep’s head and feet very much. Patche (head) but (foot) likely say Queretaro-owners, and Ayakku? (Cephalopod brain) that it is his Turkmen Persian. But it seems that no one in the stomach soup.

Cooking a soup Nasser’s wife
When Khalil made ​​me in Sweden, I was not very good to eat sour somehow. But what became feast when you come to travel to Iran in the past, but I was not bad. A sheep smell but anxious, a lot of collagen in the soup, it looks good for the body as well save it. I was eating glad to say, such as “powerful food” Khalil is. But I always think, if I would want to put more power,,,
Leave it to Khalil and his brother, I drank soup ingredients of a cup of soup. Because the not-so-well-aligned to eat this food and milk, but they did not put milk in tea this morning. Drank a lot of milk to tea without having to worry about, I stomach has become really loose!

From a few days ago, some groan as “U~in” in the warehouse on the ground floor. What is the time?


The answer is, the machine kept the eggs of birds. But who will have an appropriate nickname, I do not know. They say I hatch the eggs of quail in this warm. It is the practice and Khalil, come up with various things from one minute to the next.
But quail eggs is not uncommon in Japan, it seems it is not necessarily so prevalent in the world. Probably heard the story from an old friend of Turkmenistan, Khalil would was interested. It is said to be the Japanese quail. But also good eggs, or meat that is it very delicious. But only that they sell the eggs come to think of it, in the story of the Japanese quail meat is never heard.

But it gave me this machine set up a young boy, like a boy came, he was surprised to hear it later engineer. I’m so’re working with people who make a machine to remodel the old refrigerator, warm the eggs. Indicator temperature and humidity is riding on top of the machine, which was printed on paper with an inkjet and a closer look, it was 100% handmade. Package and see, I have been made ​​to resemble metal machine though.

I tried eating boiled eggs, shells are slightly cracked. Quail eggs for a long time, for some reason reminds 菜 eight treasure. Khalil is said to have eaten for the first time, I had to say and not yellow yolk so. Come the day when the quail meat is eaten, I’m looking forward to.

Decided to “Gaussian” The name of the child cat. And Gaussian, because the cat in the words into noun the verb “Shara Gow Mac (deliver)” of Turkmen that we have received is sending someone, it is said to have put the case. Khalil has said that it is the perfect name as Turkmen, I’m not sure I am a beginner in. And write in his name has become a Gaussian. Jan said the sound of the sound quite well.
This cat seemed to grow up than I thought, I wonder about a month old. I ate meat from the beginning, in good shape also acts gastrointestinal, such as when there is little worry of Romi husband. Romi husband was so abandoned as soon as it was born, of course not going to drink the milk of the mother, sometimes weaken made ​​us worry. Chi-chan, as did her husband Romi now has to take care of Gaussian. Alternatively, a Gaussian has been made to the partner of her husband, Fun and Romi. Caught are licking or biting, I’m not even for a beat Ho-sa a Gaussian.*****
Gaussian is because, in the dish both hands whenever you drink milk, must have watch to wipe your feet, I just quite time-consuming.

Was the pattern of tiger cat with three animals is coincidence. Since there are two brothers to me, I became Ichihimenitaro as well as the way out. Cats at first but you’re a Shiranpuri, become friends in just a few days, which began to live as brothers. Feel that becoming a mother with three sons somehow have been healed of their very existence.


After all, Guruban-Byram was also five days. In the period to handling meat, the first three days to two days after the relatives around seems to be the plan of roughly. Khalil did not live in Iran more than three decades, but can not rely on so much out of touch with things like that, but I’ve found how to listen to his brother.

The first three days, the girls also set what came to drink tea. And niece, but their friends. Asked to prepare a new dress, everyone has a handbag suffered Charugatto spectacular, but I walk around the relatives. As a matter of what is or relatives at home, and then the greeting “Congratulations” politely, treated to tea and sweets. New Year gift, such as mole, but can not do anything, everyone seems happy.
Turkmen expression or formula is not clear whether Iran, women kiss on the right cheek, left, and right when you are always greeted. The first time had been closed in a storm of that kiss, did not have the habit Satoshi~tsu me that which to me, butashas been decreasing relatives to come to me with a kiss.Wahaha

Two nieces right

Two days after the most family-brother of Khalil sister told me to come visit everyone. I think each busy, it would come to greet us should show respect to the older brother, it would be a large change Because of the large number of siblings. Before wonder what looked like a little Japanese. Be noticed and have lived here, “a few decades ago wish I was like this I wonder Japan” and that I have often.
Was confined to a kebab at once, the other of which was a meal as usual. But, during the festive meat, meat, meat seems to be absorbed in the tradition too. If you do not want to eat it cooked over time, the meat of sheep, taste it as I think I do not know. Quite a difference from the chicken and pork, but close to the texture of beef stewed well, flavor of fat is it different. I think sheep is a semi-wild cattle, and its muscles it hard. So cook over a longer period of time. (Gluttonous) those who want to eat anyway, I would like you to come to the desert means.
I think that we know roughly how the Guruban-Bayram, so that it can be better hospitality, would like to prepare for next year. Or I’ll sew a dress to my niece and bags, all handmade sweets or. No, no, I’ll stop laughing because demon. …