Traditional Turkmen Lady

Traditional Turkmen Lady

 Shokhrat Kadyrov:

Central Eurasia: Annaklychev Sh.B. Birth and upbringing of children in the Turkmen Yomud in the past / / Proceedings of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmen SSR, 1958, № 1. S. 77-86. Byblos. Rites and religious people. Cult of many children in the Turkmen family. Culture care for pregnant women. Midwives. For children. The naming. Ceremony of “Chile”. Grooming children. Circumcised. Childrens games.

Jikia A. On the history of cultural and economic ties with Turkmen ogurdzhali Persia in the XVIII-XIX centuries. / / Proceedings of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmen SSR, 1959, № 6. S. 81-85. Deadly feud between the Turkomans and Persians, the Persians themselves to the reckoning of the Aryans and their relation to the Turkmen people as barbarians and alaman chapauly, punitive expedition against the Persians, Turkmen, Turkmen in the harassment did not stop Mazendarane process of cultural and economic cooperation between the two nations. Analysing materials Ganveya, Fraser, N. Muravyev, IF Blaramberg, M. Galkin and AP Ogorodnikov, the author shows the role of the Turkmen ogurdzhali in the supply of Persia through the Afghan contractors of oil, ozokerite, salt Cheleken, in exchange for English cloth, fishing hooks, Indian shawls, American boots. There have been ceremonies of worship to fire the Turkmens, the cultural influence of Persia on the clothes of the male Turkmen, clothing women turkmenok similar to Armenian women and Jewish women clothing Persia.

Aghajanov SG From the history of the Oguz-Turkmen tribes early Middle Ages / / Proceedings of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmen SSR, 1959, № 2. S. 32-39. Byblos. 57 titles. The history of Oghuz tribal groups bulyuk-bolyukov, consisting of nine clans (according Marvaziy) and was part of the Karluk Oguz (according to Chinese annals). Excursion into the past Karluk powers VIII century. The subsequent history in the Seven Rivers. The tenth century. – Bulyuki in the Confederation Yagma in the Central and Western Tien-Shan. Etymology bulyuk-Bulak in connection with the territorial-administrative division of the settled and nomadic populations. On the identification of the Oghuz and Karluk in the XI century, as the Turkmen. Public education in the core of the Karluk tribal groups – bolyuk. On entry into the bolyukov Oguz-Turkmen. Alka (ahaicheskoe, then – Ak) and Kara-bolyuki as the traditional division of the Oghuz. The concept of the Dutch orientalist MT Hutsma in his book “The tribes of the Oghuz.” His interpretation of “Alka”. Kara bolyuki – black tent. Kara oyli and Sakar. The absence of alka-oyli in the tribal names of the Turkmen.