Jansson's Temptation

Changing season

Jansson’s Temptation

“Jansson’s Temptation” is one of the traditional Swedish cuisine. It’s bake plus anchovies, milk and cream to those fried potatoes and onions. But I had never made ​​when you are in Sweden, I’ve tried just material so aligned.

Perhaps canned anchovy would not have sold in Kumishdepe. Since there was a dried fish that has been used Aguneru, fillets dipped in salad oil Peel, I tried to make instant anchovies. This dried fish, but I used to hang out so that Chontoli caught in the Caspian Sea, Khalil was eating as it is biting. Sometimes we ate from the boil for a long time. In any case, the taste is good but, it’s not something that is too salty to eat. I think I have to anchovies but came up with, it’s quite a good idea.

But I forgot I made in order to seduce someone Jansson, how tasty enough to be tempted, without this dish it is likely not to Swedish Christmas anyway.

Jansson’s Temptation

Salty Fish Chontoli

Chopped fillets dipped in salad oil

Taste that does not disappoint

Two days, leave was going to rain. The much lower temperature also, I became a climate which presage the coming of winter. Now that you have purchased a gas stove still a few days ago for the bedroom at night, I can sleep in a warm room, relieved. Also draft was blowing windows is broken here and there, Nasser showed up so all heal, I also was able to increase tightness.
Because of the heavy rain, one room and hallway, in the West, which is sandwiched in the bedroom was leaking out of the bedroom the two Ru room there. Because you have not put a roof on the veranda, which is right above that, heavy rains would come as it is imbued with. Carpet and carpet got wet in an unexpected leak, my head hurts. This minute and it would be to leak every time it rains in the winter. Why do you not put a roof? Had heard him, and it is simply a matter of money. If there is little coherent income, I have just want to put a roof soon.
A melancholy, damp, rainy days when the dark dawn, blue sky was great But wait. Also know that the ground is full of puddles, I can not go outside. Up to the veranda instinctively, I tried to look at all sides.

Color of the grass in the desert are changing

Lately, I feel Tashi has somehow depressed. Maybe, but I think because the temporary return to Japan, he used to much emotional support was canceled, there may be the impact of the end of the summer weather, the days became shorter. Or must be built at his own expense the pole in order to let in the rain or the construction of drainage ditches has or does not start at all, get a phone line, or confiscated during many months of the passport (for me) in question unreasonable is continuous. I would think or how you unconsciously live back to Japan.
Mountains of southern

With this blue sky and seeing the great outdoors in, all melancholy seems Fukiton go. Also gives us the feeling to me alive, that’s the environment. Will you be able to really live back to Japan, I feel the same way. It seems to be difficult. In order to earn the first rent and food, I will have to toil. I might not even afford to look at the sky or on the lift.

Khalil was one recently has taken care of all cattle, sheep, dogs (+ quail). Feeding, watering, such work is constantly cleaning up some of the shit, and the sight from the window that I tend to the house muffled. But also tough commute in overcrowded trains, is not it also that extreme care of the animals on the frontier of Iran. Is not the middle, the middle.

There “Fen’ni (ferni)” by desserts of Iran’s called. Japanese recipe that I have as the term “rice custard of milk”, it’s a sweet custard like texture. Materials rose water milk, water, flour Kamishin, and sugar.
Says “Puruni” We Turkmen
To discover a use for Shiratamako had happened, Tashi is made to feel that I have to solve. Because I had run out even if there is Shiratamako Azuki, but I have been wondering what to do with eating. Khalil said recently, if you are addicted to rose water, “and they also put rose water” always cold drinks. Ru I have eaten so be willing Puruni. I love cats as well this way, it’s a momentum to climb Meowing gas stove and yelling are stirring the pot.
It is a specialty rosewater, Iran