Colour of his eyes are still blue grey

Colour of his eyes are still blue grey

New Born Calf –  In the cow shed

When we woke up and looked out from the bedroom window, a black and white calf was already born. Again, we have overslept when a cow gave birth. When it gives birth, we need to be beside it and help if something happens. It seems we were deep asleep this time. I am relieved that nothing happened.

A doctor told me to stop milking after seven month when a cow got pregnant. But I was not sure how many months pregnant she was so I stopped milking when Patma-daiza said that the taste of milk has changed in the end of August. As a result, I have stopped one month earlier than what the doctor mentioned. Now the calf is born so the cow will give a special milk called “auz” for a few days. After that I will be milking an ordinary white milk, a lot. I was not milking much for a few months because both of our milk cows had been pregnant.

Khalil's cow born a new small Calf

Khalil’s cow born a new small Calf

Colour of his eyes are still blue grey

he calf is drinking milk quite often. Patma-daiza says until all the auz is out, I need to milk several times a day and besides, I should make the calf drink from its mother. I’ve milked five times today, by the way.

look at the giant milk tank on the first day of giving birth

This is the first milk that I boiled. Fat rate is quite high and the texture is like butter rather than custard. We spread it on bread and eat with some honey or jam. I have also frozen them a lot. I hope to make cheese by white milk as well and bake some cheese cake in the future.

boiled auz
breakfast table