TREND News: Turkmenistan, Ashgabat, Nov. 28 / Trend H. Hasanov /

The Third Congress of Turkmen Trade Unions which will summarise the implemented work and identify new challenges was launched in Ashgabat, on Wednesday, the official Turkmen source said.

The trade unions of Turkmenistan, uniting more than 1.108.000 members, are the largest public organisation in the country.

The union consists of 14 branches, five provincial (regional), 49 etrap (district) and nine municipal associations. Primary organisations are created in all industrial and institutional enterprises, institutions and organisations.

Trade unions plan their work in accordance with the Constitution, Turkmen laws and their charters, in close cooperation with the state agencies and local self-government institutions, the Majlis (parliament), community organisations, businesses and employers, regardless of ownership.

Local media noted that the unions work to create safe and optimal working conditions and improve the living conditions of workers and their families. Currently, the primary trade union organizations have concluded 4549 bilateral collective agreements, 152 regional and sectorial agreements.

National Centre of Turkmen Trade Unions in close cooperation with Parliament also works to strengthen the legal framework as well as on the projects of the Labour, Family and Administrative Codes.

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