Manuscripts Matenadaran-Institute of Restoration Workshop (Photo Beer Frank Sawyer

Manuscripts Matenadaran-Institute of Restoration Workshop (Photo Beer Frank Sawyer

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Jahanshah Haghighi’s Poem Divan is very interesting like the life of poet. Researchers though that this Divan was lost as they were unaware of it for a long time. And the secret of the manuscript was revealed in 1961. It became clear that this ‘Divan’ had been kept for a long time in Istanbul at the palace library of Turkish sultans Abdul Hamid. When the Sultan Abdul Hamid this manuscript was lost in library, then it had found in Egypt in the library of Alexandria. However, it was later disappeared from this library and reached to Museum of London. Other example of this handwritten manuscript of Jahanshah is kept in Academy of Sciences of Armenian under the name of “Fund Matenadaran“.

The famous orientalist scientist Vladimir Minorski became familiar with it here. However, the manuscript was not kept here. The manuscript that occurred to be in New York, at the personal archives of the Armenian collector Arutyun Gazarian, here according to will of the latter, was brought to Yerevan University and finally to the “Matenadaran fund” has been delivered. Azerbaijani scholar Latif Huseinzade[1] found “Divan” here and investigates worked on it and published.

Unfortunately this period of history and probably is deserve to be informed and unbiased research by historians to have been moved out of attention of Public intellectual.

To taked caring of the old manuscript book

Taking care the old manuscripts book

Speaking about this period of dynasty of Turkmens history in Iran is the long verses. It requires extensive research by historians and specialists involved and were impartial.
But we here at a corner of example of the era of Garagoyunli’s Confederation Government led by mystic and philosopher kings and rulers of this dynasty “Jahanshah Garagoyunli” with the nicknamed “Hakygy, (Haqyqi, Hakyky, Haqiqi or حقیقی Each of this are written in various dialects of Turkic)” kingdom armed with the most advanced ideas of political movements-social life the cult of its was “Horufism” explains. The cult of Horufism is that arguably conception of dialectical materialism and historical context and contemporary secularism.
In this notice we will pointing and explored several events that occurred during the Governments of Turkmens in Iran and that had been decisive. Literature of that period resulted primarily from the collection of poems is the king of the mystic and thinker Turkmens Jahanshah Hakygy. And Modulate the literature of that period spoke Turkic and Turkmen language.
The old manuscript book
An example of an manuscripts
To the writer of these lines, interesting historical and literary life of the period of Turkmen Confederation States in plateau of Iran as a geographical state, was always a big question that, if the pursuit of political and social events and sources that can tell the response would’ve been.
In addition to the resources of the Library of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan, the Turkmen Institute of Historical Research, manuscripts or manuscript library and its government, and other sources should be available in other countries, had access. In this Board is sending a team of research, scientists and academics from scientific centers of Turkmenistan, to countries like Turkey, Egypt, Azerbaijan, Pakistan, India, Iran, Armenia, China, etc., were done, it was possible. … Сontinued

[1] . Haqiqi, Șe’rler Ketabinin Tаrtibi ve şerhleri”, filology bilimler namzedi, Latif Huseinzade, Yerevan- 1966.   …..

حقيقی، ” شعرلر کتابئنئن ترتيبی و شرح لری”، فيلولوژی عليملر نامزدی، لطيف حسين زا ده نئن دئر. ايروا ن – ۱۹۶۶/ م.