Dissertation Dr.Ownuk H.

Dissertation Dr.Ownuk H

 PhD. work OVNUK, Hangeldy Arazgeldy ogly on the “Cultural History of Turkmens of Iran (XIX – XX centuries)” is dedicated to the actual topic in the history of the Turkmen people.

The work consists in the introduction, three chapters, inclusion and bibliography.

In the introduction the urgency and breaker failure of the problem, put a specific goal and objectives of the study.

The first chapter deals with the works, which served as a historical for Iranian writers and poets of the XIX century, About strengthening expansion Persian, Khanate of Khiva, Russian states in relation to the Turkmens and Etrek Gurgen and their struggle against them.

Analyzes the literature Iranian Turkmens turn of the XIX – early XX centuries.

In the second chapter we study the literature created by the Iranian Turkmens after II World War. The analysis of the socio – political status Iranian Turkmens. Revealed features of modern literary process.

The third chapter examines the sources of Persian poetry. The influence of the ancient Persian literature on creativity Magtymguly. Committing characteristics of Persian poetry, its language and graphics.

At the end of the thesis summarized his findings and summarized. …

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Signatures: 10. XII. 1995 __ OVNUK H.__