Nevruz Heritage In ParlamentCA_Toront of CA

Dedication of the “Divan Jahānšāh Haghighi,” to the Dr.R.Moridi

Toronto – Hojanepes News: New Year in 2015 (1394) compared to previous years was held with more interest in the world.

Especially its way to the White House and President Barack Obama greeting messages from America and his wife Michelle Obama and Canadian Prime Minister also congratulated totally different sights and sounds of New Year’s celebration.

Groups and representatives of different nationalities who they living in Canada also had held celebrate this holiday. Including holding “Nowruz Bayram” As a traditional heritage in the Canadian Parliament by the Turks of Turkey Turks Toronto-managed communities that participated prominent Canadian Parliament.

Including MPs, Mr Dr. R. Moridi who gave me the opportunity to recently released book, “Divan-i Jahānšāh Haghighi” that we decided to get them before they’re published, done. In this issue of the magazine “Azerbaijan Star (former Hydrbabay)” dials of insert images that are recorded.

New Year celebrations in Canada’s parliament. Dedicate of the “Divan-i Jahānšāh Haghighi,” to the Dr. R. Moridi representative Richmondhill and Thornhill Toronto resident in the Parliament of Canada by the author of book Dr. Hangeldi Ownuk-In. 23 March 2015.

Nevruz Heritage In Parlament CA -Toronto

New Year celebrations in the Parliament of CA.

Nevruz Heritage In Parlament of CA - Toront03

In the celebrate of new year 1394,
dedicated work “Divan-i Jahānšāh Haghighi”