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This blog is in memory of the old rural port town of Hojanepes and its associated characters in memoriam “Hojanepes bay” as the current Turkmen ambassador is known on the setup and the motives of “Hojanepes News” chosen. It’s about old historic district of the links in the “A brief history of Hojanepes” of its content, which is not unpleasant to read. , …

And, But in my case:

If my house to fall;
I will pick my clay again up!

Life is not bad. I have a piece of bread, a bit of intelligence, tiny needle hobby penchant. My mother is better than tree leaves. Best friends running as water, and a God who is near here, Inna-Il-Haqq اناالحق
Once you find the enemy, It’s mean you were successful in reaching your goals!
If they threaten you, must know! They are powerless against cross you.
If they betray you see, the mean is your price was high.
If one day they left you, must know! They don’t deserved to be with you. …

Maksat Salyh Ownuk

Maksat Salyh Ownuk (1985 – 2005)

The second part of bloging is on name of my memorial decedent son “Maksatsalyh”.

I’m living in Toronto city of Canada. We came to this country in 7-th September 2005. I’ve made this weblog for the memorial of my missing son Maksatsalyh who that hapened in Turkmenistan. He isn’t live with me now. He died in befor we came to Canada. This weblog memorial of that my son. ….

Memorial decedent son “Maksatsalyh” described in the memoirs of Immigration.

* Introduction:

Maksatsalyh was born in 1364 / Sh. According to 1986 / M.. Is. His time studying the Persian language in Iran‘s Cultural Council in Ashgabat city Republic of  Turkmenistan, the Turkmen language what it already – Russian wrote in Persian is returned. … Go to read autobiography of Maksat …
His father Dr.H.Ownuk - North York of Toronto city - Canada