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Tehran fire: dozens of firefighters feared dead as tower collapses

The Guardian: At least 30 are believed killed and scores injured after blaze engulfs Plasco building, Iranian capital’s oldest high-rise

Tehran’s Plasco tower block collapses after blaze – video

Dozens of firefighters in Tehran are feared dead after the city’s oldest high-rise building caught fire and collapsed.

The 17-storey Plasco building, a landmark 1960s shopping centre in the heart of the Iranian capital close to the British embassy, caught fire in the early hours of Thursday, the flames initially engulfing upper floors before spreading throughout.

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Turkmenistan ready to supply up to 40 bcm of gas to Europe

Turkmen gas network

Turkmenistan gas network

 Neft-i-Gaz Rossiýa Site: News // Oil and gas worldwide:  “There is no need for European countries to worry. We are building an infrastructure designed for 40 bcm of gas,” Khodzhamukhamedov, in charge of the Central Asian country’s fuel and energy sector, said at an oil and gas conference.

Turkmenistan, holding the world’s fourth-largest gas reserves, is looking to diversify exports from its traditional destination of Russia and may become one of the key gas suppliers to the EU-supported Nabucco project. Read more…

Divan-e Jahan Haqiqi on bookstore closet “Iran-Culture” online shop

Divan-e Jahan Haqiqi on bookstore closet "Iran-Culture" online shop

Divan-e Jahan Haqiqi on bookstore closet “Iran-Culture” online shop

Link of bookstore “Iran-Culture” – Online

Receive the message from Site “Comtesse – Sofia” about Scarves

Nice model scarf

Nice model scarf

From Comtesse Sofia:

Hi dear blogger,

I’ll introduce myself first. I’m Marie, I’m working for the French company of luxury accessories, Comtesse Sofia. we’ve seen you wrote a great post about our scarves. Good job!! and many thanks! we still enjoy reading the comments your readers have left.

 I just wanted to ask you to put the links to our website ( so that we could mention your name in our press category. and we’ll put the links to your blog as well. we’ll also communicate about your article through our social networks.

Keep in touch, – Best regards, – Marie Kartenbaum
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Flamenco shawls : Passion for Andalusia

Scarf Model Flamenco

Scarf Model Flamenco

From Ottoman Dandy:

I have a great enthusiasm for flamenco; its rhythms, the spanish guitar, the flying shawl, the sounds of the heels, the whirling skirts; Andalusia has always been a passion. Spicing it up things is always a refreshing idea and I always like putting a mediterranean element in to my posts. The flamenco shawl is a great piece of art and brings an unbelievable mediterranean flair; here I have the great pleasure and joy to share these wonderful pictures…

Some Pictures about this kind of Flamenco scarves: Read more…

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