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Tehran fire: dozens of firefighters feared dead as tower collapses

The Guardian: At least 30 are believed killed and scores injured after blaze engulfs Plasco building, Iranian capital’s oldest high-rise

Tehran’s Plasco tower block collapses after blaze – video

Dozens of firefighters in Tehran are feared dead after the city’s oldest high-rise building caught fire and collapsed.

The 17-storey Plasco building, a landmark 1960s shopping centre in the heart of the Iranian capital close to the British embassy, caught fire in the early hours of Thursday, the flames initially engulfing upper floors before spreading throughout.

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Turkmenistan voted Best Country in the World

Turkmenistan is the undisputed winner of the WCA 2015

Turkmenistan is the undisputed winner of the WCA 2015

Media Mass: The Turkmens can be proud of their country as it has been voted Best Country in the World last night (Monday July, 27) during the annual WCA ceremony. The Turkmen people were also voted Nicest people on the planet.

More than a hundred prizes have been awarded during the 2015 World Countries Awards, the most prestigious international award ceremony in the world. A night to remember for the people of Turkmenistan as they swept nearly all the awards available.

Historic Win For Turkmenistan

The Turkmen team could hardly hide its excitement as the celebrations went on. “Are we surprised? Not really”, Turkmen Team leader told the journalist, speaking just after receiving the award for Most Humble People In The World. Read more…

Turkmenistan ready to supply up to 40 bcm of gas to Europe

Turkmen gas network

Turkmenistan gas network

 Neft-i-Gaz Rossiýa Site: News // Oil and gas worldwide:  “There is no need for European countries to worry. We are building an infrastructure designed for 40 bcm of gas,” Khodzhamukhamedov, in charge of the Central Asian country’s fuel and energy sector, said at an oil and gas conference.

Turkmenistan, holding the world’s fourth-largest gas reserves, is looking to diversify exports from its traditional destination of Russia and may become one of the key gas suppliers to the EU-supported Nabucco project. Read more…

Turkmen scholars cultivate endangered plants


plants in desert


Nearly tens kinds of wild onions, other plants inscribed into Endangered Species List of Turkmenistan turn green and over 20 most beautiful Radde‘s hazel grouse blossom out their bellflowers on accurate beds on experimental plot of the Research Institutes of Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan.

Eight bushes of endemic of Sunt-Hasardag State Nature Reserve and relict representative of the country’s flora – Turkmen mandrake grow among the grass, reported the state news agency of Turkmenistan. Read more…

New opportunities opening up for Central Asia through CAREN

 Central Asia Research and Education Network

Central Asia Research and Education Network

The Times of Central Asia: … Turkmenistan is connected to Europe via China and Hong Kong. CAREN has set itself the strategic goals to upgrade science and education in Central Asia by improving access to high quality information networks, by providing direct access to 36 countries and 4,000 research centers and websites on GEANT, which unites European NRENs, so that the Central Asian users could collaborate with the multinational European Union. Currently, CAREN is trying to merge with the European network GEANT, which would provide access for Central Asia to the global scientific and educational environment and promotes international cooperation. This is an exchange without any costs and time spent for travelling.” …

BISHKEK, February 5 (TCA) — More than 60 percent of countries have their own Read more…

Clinton: Azerbaijan, as a country, has huge potential

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Official Secretary of State portrait Hillary Rodham Clinton

Azeri America:

The United States supports and attaches great importance to the parliamentary elections in Azerbaijan,” U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said at a press conference in Baku on July 4 as a result of her visit to Azerbaijan.
Parliamentary elections in Azerbaijan will take place early November.
U.S. Secretary of State discussed with country’s leadership in Baku the issues of democracy, noting the importance of civil society.
“We always discuss this issue, it is an integral part of our dialogue. The democratic reforms are always our goal of development. Speaking of the progress made by Azerbaijan, I think this is particularly evident in the economic and energy reforms, as well as in business,” said Clinton.
“Azerbaijan, as a country, has huge potential, and today we discussed with President Ilham Aliyev the ways to strengthen our cooperation,” said Clinton. Read more…

Desert people – Living of the Turkmensahara – Part 5

Pick up a kitten

Pick up a kitten

Sand desert people

Pick up kitten: I also talk about cats! But not by yourself and I think also, there is a cat. Another story of a cat, yet. Today, the nephew of elementary school students brought a kitten within. He says not just because I picked up on the street it was abandoned, kitten eyes are not open yet, but freshly born. What mother would throw away a cat. So too small, it took was about a little time to tell it was placed on the sand.
Among the Turkmen of Kumishutepe, it is Haram keep the cat, that is, prohibited action. I have been trained from childhood … and do not touch the cat is an animal so dirty, that checks and balances “says Pishi! Pishi!” Approach and all cats. Since the mother of Khalil and compel heard a domesticated cat that I began! “N ー cats need”, will fight in every case. Since most words is not enough, I although it is childish quarrel represents the anger in the attitude, my mother, “Hallam cat!” Only repeated. Why Hallam cat really, do you think so entire the entire Muslim Iranians, I do not know. I think under the circumstances anyway, but who keeps the cat in the house and just Kumishutepe out. Read more…

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