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Goals research and objectives this programs

طرح جلذ -cover book

جلد طرح -cover book

(An English): Goals research and objectives this programs:
1. Research, study and provided detailed information about the murders that among immigrants Iranian Turkmens in Turkmenistan and Europe from 1985 to 2005. happened.

2. The presence of other immigrants and non-political teenagers Turkmen Iran to Turkmenistan since 1985.

3. The presence of agents of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Turkmenistan in the name of immigration.
4. Fate of an article at the conference of the “Khoja Yusuf Hamadani”, in 1381- In Ashgabat, in continued The “literature Turkmans and classification of science, in period of Khoja Yusuf Hamadani – Reports and articles conference in 1381 ”
5. Pathology of Turkmen refugees from 1985 so far …


(فارسی): اهداف و مقاصد این برنامه پژوهشی عبارت است از: (طرح اول)

1. تحقیقات پژوهشی و ارائه اطلاعات دقیق در مورد قتل هایی که در بین مهاجرین ترکمن ایران در ترکمنستان و اروپا از سال های 1985 تا 2005. اتفّاق افتاده است.

2. حضور مهاجرین متفرقّه و نوجوانان کم تجربه غیر سیاسی ترکمن ایران به ترکمنستان از سال 1985 به بعد.

3. حضور جاسوسان جمهوری اسلامی در ترکمنستان به بهانه مهاجرت.

4. سرنوشت یک مقاله در کنفرانس “خوجه یوسف همدانی” درسال 1381- عشق آباد، در ادامه «مرور بر ادبیَات دوره تورکمانی و طبقه بندی علوم، به بهانه کنفرانس خوجه یوسف همدانی- گزارش ها و مقالات کنفرانس در سال 1381 ش.»

5. آسیب شناسی مهاجرین ترکمن از سالهای 1985 تا کنون…

Научно-исслед – проект и цели этой программы:(Tri-lingual Project)

(На Русскии): Цели и задачи исследования это программы:

1. Управленческие исследования и представили подробную информацию об Убийства, что, среди иммигрантов иранских туркмен в Туркменистане и Европе с 1985 по 2005 год произошло. … Read more…


Some versions of the epics of the book “Dedekorkut”, which it has cared in foreign countries!

Dr. H. Ownuk - Toronto

Dr. H. Ownuk – Toronto

Toronto-Dr. Hangeldi Ownuk: Note: The original version of this article in the Turkmen language on the alphabet Russian Cyrillic script that in those days it was customary in Turkmenistan still Cyrillic alphabets was presented to the conference. And then it had been returned to the languages Turkish Turkey, Latin Turkmen, English, Russian and Persian. This article was published in the research institutes of the world. Including:

1. ГОРКУТ АТА, – 1500,. Макалалар йыгындысы, (Hangeldi OWNUK, “Gorkut ata eposynyñ daşary ỳurtlardaky warianty”), “Магарыф”, A.:-1999 м. (Konfrensiỳa).
2. PDF – 7682 Ovnuk, Hangeldi, Gorkut Ata Destani’nin yabanci ülkelerdeki..
3. PDF:Gorkut ata Konferensi” Aşgabat-1999 ý.,
4. SahypaOVNUK, Hangeldi, “Gorkut Ata” Eposınıŋ Daşarı Yurtlardakı Variantı…
5. T. C. Başkanlık Atatürk Kültür, Dil v Tarıh Yüksek Kurumu: – “ATATÜRK KÜKLTÜR MERKEZI», ve “II item file”,
6. Türkçe metni “Gorkut ata destani’nin yabanci ulkelerdeki varyantlary…”
Ayry Kayanaklar:
1. Dogu Kitabevi
2. Sanat Kitabevi
Dedekorkut ata

Dedekorkut ata

Text: According to legend, one of the historians of the sixteenth century that says: “- in the period close to the time of Prophet Muhammad, between the tribes of Oguzs character as the “Dedekorkut” has emerged. He has written a book that the book’s language Oguz tribes “Dedekorkut” known.”[1]

The epics of “Gorkutata (Dedekorkut)” which as is dates back to near the period of the Prophet Muhammad, many periods through the centuries at the heart of the mysterious and created in multiple events, of heroism and bravery, of adjectives human and moral message was known. This epic mainly from the 14th century to the 16th century has been written to consideration of the world. This epical written works over time, many researchers carefully and historians and has attracted. Read more…

The Great gift to the literary heritage – Radio Interview

Çeşmeler (Resources) – “Radio Free Europa“: Interview on the radio program “ÇEŞMELER” or “Cheshmeler” means (Resources)” as “Gepleshyk (Gepleşik) – Talking” program about the Divan Jahānšāh Haghighi (Hakyky).
– Interviewer: Mr. Hudayberdi Hally.

Sources: Radio Free Liberty Europa – Hudayberdi Hallyev
Our fellow researcher Dr. Hangeldi Ovnuk in history, has been a long sought to research the literary heritage of Turkmens of Jahānšāh Haghighi. His this work has recently been published between the population public. This literature of turkmen heritage Jahānšāh complete works in a “Divan-i Jahānšāh Haghighi” has been collected.
According to the ِbook Divan, in the oldest manuscripts Manuscripts Institute of Armenia, known as “Matenadaran” in its capital in Yerevan, the research is provided. Our radio program to talk with the author of this scientific work became Dr. Hangeldi Ownuk.

مراسم رونمایی از کتاب

The unveiling ceremony of the book

Great gift to the literary heritage
ارمغان بزرگ به میراث ادبی

Diwan-i “Jahānšāh Haghighi (HAKYKY)”

Read more…

A bout destination of manuscript of Jahanshah Hakygy in the world: در مورد سرنوشت دستنوشته های جهانشاه حقیقی در جهان-

Manuscripts Matenadaran-Institute of Restoration Workshop (Photo Beer Frank Sawyer

Manuscripts Matenadaran-Institute of Restoration Workshop (Photo Beer Frank Sawyer

PART 2 -Continue the previous Article:
Jahanshah Haghighi’s Poem Divan is very interesting like the life of poet. Researchers though that this Divan was lost as they were unaware of it for a long time. And the secret of the manuscript was revealed in 1961. It became clear that this ‘Divan’ had been kept for a long time in Istanbul at the palace library of Turkish sultans Abdul Hamid. When the Sultan Abdul Hamid this manuscript was lost in library, then it had found in Egypt in the library of Alexandria. However, it was later disappeared from this library and reached to Museum of London. Other example of this handwritten manuscript of Jahanshah is kept in Academy of Sciences of Armenian under the name of “Fund Matenadaran“.

Read more…

“COLLECTION POEMS OF LITERARY JAHANSHAH HAKYGY” مجموعه اشعار (دیوان) جهانشاه حقیقی –

The book Poems Jahanshah Haghighi

The book Poems Jahanshah Haghighi

Dr. H. Ownuk- Toronto-
PART 1 – The article materials for regulate introduction to my written book!
a). An introduction to the anthology of Jahanshah Garagoyunli (Haghighi or Hakyky [1]):

Nearly a century, a significant portion of Turkmen history and literature that dates back thousands of years in the geographic area due to assimilatory policies (Assimilation) [2] from axis powers on the definition of “pan-national (chauvinism)” self-propelled, distort and destroy the historical life of Turkic nations did engage in causing forgetfulness on the golden pages of our generations are inquiring mind.
The history and literatures of Turkic nation in Iran his difficult historical period which to be related to the XIV-XV centuries, has passed. In this period the most of manuscripts books, by the European tourists had been collected, them brought to their country. …

The study an English text of demonstration of slogan “Azerbaijan isn’t the Iran”

Umud Duzgun

Umud Duzgun

Gun Az – By Umud Duzgun:

History made by South Azeris in an international club match between Tractor of Tabriz and Aljazeera of Dubai.  A political chant gained voice and momentum.

 On February 26, an Asian Champions League match took place between the soccer teams of Tractor (Tabriz) and Aljazeera (Dubai). ” Yashasin Azerbaycan! ” or Long Live Azerbaijan! was the cry from the impressive crowed of 85000 FC Tractor faithful. Persian minority regime of Iran, which occupies South Azerbaijan since 1946 prohibits Azeri soccer fans from carrying any cultural and political symbols and banners. Despite all these prohibitions, the Azeri fans managed to sneak in a huge 50 feet long banner writing in English for the first time “South Azerbaijan is not Iran “resembling the Catalan slogan “Catalonia is not Spain.”  It caught the eyes of millions of viewers around the nation and beyond. Read more…

Sculptor Gabriel Ruhi Tuna – Turkish song SARI GELİN

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