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The documents that in Library of Russian State from Ownuk, Hangeldi

… Card, Document and Description of scientific specialty 07.00.02 local National history, In Turkmen language.

* Из документах Российская Государственная Библиотека – Карточка, Документ и Описание о научные по специальность 07.00.02 Отечестьвенная история по Туркменский языка,

    * حفاظت از اسناد و مدارک تحصیلات عالی در کتابخانه دولتی روسیه مربوط به اونق، خانگلدی- شامل کارت درخواست، سند موجود و شرح تخصص علمی 07.00.02، با عنوان “تاریخ ملی محلی، به زبان ترکمنی.
قطعه اوّل: Picture 1
Из документах Российская Государственная Библиотека
قطعه دوّم: Picture 2
Описание о научные по специальность 07.00.02 Отечестьвенная история

The full text of the abstracts of the dissertation on the topic:

“The Cultural History of Turkmens of Iran (XIX-XX cc.)”

My AbstractDissertationVersion

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Version of Dissertation

Author: Dr. Hangeldi OWNUK,
Editor an English: Elaine Harmston

Characteristics of the study
It is necessary to examine the issue in terms of:

More than one hundred years of Russian, and later Soviet Rule-based aggression in order to capture more territories in Central Asia was carried out between residents of northern Turkmenistan and Turkmnsehra, and subsequently, separation occurred. As a result of the rupture, families were ripped apart, and family members were unaware of each other across the border. Consequently, they were considered strangers to each other.

As a result of events among the inhabitants of the east coast of the Caspian Sea in the second half of the XIX century, with the confiscation of Central Asia by the Russians, political relations began to break down between Iran and Russia, and Russia led the nation and much of the Turkmenistan’s south.

The Plains of Gurgen (Desht-i Gorgan) or Turkmensahra are located in the south territories of River Atrak, until the “dense forest on the south slopes of the Alborz Mountains to the eastern corner of the continuity and the eastern side, is limited to the mountains of province Khorasan” [1] “Based on the available information, in 1992, the 1.5 million net Turkmen population live in over 20 thousand square meters of Turkmensahra.”[1[2]][3]

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Desert people – Living of the Turkmensahara – Part 19

Chapak or Fish

Chapak or Fish

Desert People – Life in Turkmen sahara, Iran
Chafak: The palm-size fish is called “chafak” or “chapak” and they’re caught in the Caspian Sea, too. The price is rather high, which is approximately half of white fish.
I was feeding my cats saying, “Just one!” until I found out almost half of the amount was gone. And it was after when I heard about the price.
Since the fish was small, I used scissors to cut open it from the belly. It was much easier to take away the externals that way than using a knife. I also found caviar in some of the fish but this time I decided to give them to my cats after boiling. For us, I fried them and cooked gatykliash.
Khalil likes dry, crispy deep-fried food. ….

Desert people – Living of the Turkmensahara – Part 18

Kalil is baking Burek

Kalil is baking Burek

Desert People –life in Turkmen sahara

Burek – One day, Khalil came home with some fish which his sister gave him. She lives nearby and her sons are fishing in the Caspian Sea.

The fish is called “takkaz”. Turkmen make a deep-fried food called “burek”. They boil the fish and some potatoes, squash and season it. With that filling, they make a kind of dumpling. Then deep-fry it. But because I used a shallow pan, it was not so successful this time. (It was a bit undercooked!)
The skin is made simply of flour and water but Khalil puts some eggs in it. The skin became crispy and I think it was much better than the ordinary Turkmen burek.

Ordinary burek has softer skin and it’s a bit oilier. Both are good as a snack but I think there’s a lack of balance in their diet when Turkmen eat burek solely at meal. I suppose the Japanese will not like to eat that way – five or six burek at once. Read more…

Desert people – Living of the Turkmensahara – Part 17

Halyl is eating gatykliash

Halyl is eating gatykliash

Desert People:

Gatykliash: I’ve made it for the first time after we’ve moved to Iran. It’s called gatykliash, an unique Turkmen dish made with yoghurt. I don’t find anything similar in Japanese cuisine. How to make – Fry chopped spinach and herb with some amount of rice, then add water and cook until soft. Use salt, pepper and cumin for seasoning. Chopped garlics can be good as well. When they’re cooled, mix with yoghurt and serve. Gatyk means yoghurt in Turkmen and ash means herb soup so the translation would be “yoghurt soup”.

“li” is used when nouns become adjective. Suyt (milk) + chai (tea) = suytlichai (milk tea), for example. Important is that this dish has to be eaten with fish, by the way. Read more…

Clinton: Azerbaijan, as a country, has huge potential

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Official Secretary of State portrait Hillary Rodham Clinton

Azeri America:

The United States supports and attaches great importance to the parliamentary elections in Azerbaijan,” U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said at a press conference in Baku on July 4 as a result of her visit to Azerbaijan.
Parliamentary elections in Azerbaijan will take place early November.
U.S. Secretary of State discussed with country’s leadership in Baku the issues of democracy, noting the importance of civil society.
“We always discuss this issue, it is an integral part of our dialogue. The democratic reforms are always our goal of development. Speaking of the progress made by Azerbaijan, I think this is particularly evident in the economic and energy reforms, as well as in business,” said Clinton.
“Azerbaijan, as a country, has huge potential, and today we discussed with President Ilham Aliyev the ways to strengthen our cooperation,” said Clinton. Read more…

Desert people – Living of the Turkmensahara – Part 14

Jansson's Temptation

Changing season

Jansson’s Temptation

“Jansson’s Temptation” is one of the traditional Swedish cuisine. It’s bake plus anchovies, milk and cream to those fried potatoes and onions. But I had never made ​​when you are in Sweden, I’ve tried just material so aligned.

Perhaps canned anchovy would not have sold in Kumishdepe. Since there was a dried fish that has been used Aguneru, fillets dipped in salad oil Peel, I tried to make instant anchovies. This dried fish, but I used to hang out so that Chontoli caught in the Caspian Sea, Khalil was eating as it is biting. Sometimes we ate from the boil for a long time. In any case, the taste is good but, it’s not something that is too salty to eat. I think I have to anchovies but came up with, it’s quite a good idea. Read more…

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