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Tehran fire: dozens of firefighters feared dead as tower collapses

The Guardian: At least 30 are believed killed and scores injured after blaze engulfs Plasco building, Iranian capital’s oldest high-rise

Tehran’s Plasco tower block collapses after blaze – video

Dozens of firefighters in Tehran are feared dead after the city’s oldest high-rise building caught fire and collapsed.

The 17-storey Plasco building, a landmark 1960s shopping centre in the heart of the Iranian capital close to the British embassy, caught fire in the early hours of Thursday, the flames initially engulfing upper floors before spreading throughout.

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Discrimination against women in the I. R. of Iran: women & employment

Hospital of Iran

Hospital of Iran

همه حقوق بشر برای همه ایران

Südwind Written Statement:

Iran is one of the oldest members of International Labour Organisation (ILO), which implies non-discrimination between men and women in employment in the labour market. This report highlights the case of women specialist care doctors, who are treated differently than their male counterparts in employment due to the Ministry of Health and Medical Education regulations. It also refers to gender quota on the initial phase of employment in the government agencies and the problems that ensues for women.
* Written statement submitted by the Verein Sudwind Entwicklungspolitik, a non-governmental  organization in special consultative status >>>> Read More texts …

Omid Kokabee Global Award Winning «Freedom and Responsibility» Courage and Stand up for the Lack of Scientific Ethics Violation

Omid Kokabee Turkmen Scientist talant

Omid Kokabee Turkmen Scientist talant

AMNESY INTERNATIONAL: The action at the Iran UN Mission in NY (Third Avenue between 40th and 41st) to deliver the petitions and letters calling for Omid Kokabee’s release will be on October 28–probably about 10:30 AM. I will keep you posted on plans but I hope you can join us there! I think we have good momentum going now, with the publicity around the 28 (actually now it’s 29) Nobel Physics Laureates letters to Iran’s Supreme Leader calling for his release, and the Maz Jobrani video in which he calls for his release. We also received good news that Iran’s Supreme Court has voided the original ten-year sentence and is reconsidering it. So now is definitely time for the final push to get us across the finish line! Dr. Ahmed Shaheed, the Special Rapporteur for the Situation of Human Rights in Iran is planning on delivering his official report to the UN later on that day. Iran’s Universal Periodic Review at the UN Human Rights Council commences a few days later in Geneva. So the time is right. Hope to see you there!


Media Advisory/Photo Opportunity/October 28 Event

For Immediate Release

Amnesty International

Amnesty International

Wednesday October 22, 2014

Contact: Amanda Simon, 212-633-4162,; Hadi Ghaemi 917-669-5996,; Eugene Chudnovsky (Committee of Concerned Scientists), 917-689-2236,; Michele Irwin, (301) 209-3237, Read more…

Desert people – Living of the Turkmensahara – Part 19

Chapak or Fish

Chapak or Fish

Desert People – Life in Turkmen sahara, Iran
Chafak: The palm-size fish is called “chafak” or “chapak” and they’re caught in the Caspian Sea, too. The price is rather high, which is approximately half of white fish.
I was feeding my cats saying, “Just one!” until I found out almost half of the amount was gone. And it was after when I heard about the price.
Since the fish was small, I used scissors to cut open it from the belly. It was much easier to take away the externals that way than using a knife. I also found caviar in some of the fish but this time I decided to give them to my cats after boiling. For us, I fried them and cooked gatykliash.
Khalil likes dry, crispy deep-fried food. ….

The study an English text of demonstration of slogan “Azerbaijan isn’t the Iran”

Umud Duzgun

Umud Duzgun

Gun Az – By Umud Duzgun:

History made by South Azeris in an international club match between Tractor of Tabriz and Aljazeera of Dubai.  A political chant gained voice and momentum.

 On February 26, an Asian Champions League match took place between the soccer teams of Tractor (Tabriz) and Aljazeera (Dubai). ” Yashasin Azerbaycan! ” or Long Live Azerbaijan! was the cry from the impressive crowed of 85000 FC Tractor faithful. Persian minority regime of Iran, which occupies South Azerbaijan since 1946 prohibits Azeri soccer fans from carrying any cultural and political symbols and banners. Despite all these prohibitions, the Azeri fans managed to sneak in a huge 50 feet long banner writing in English for the first time “South Azerbaijan is not Iran “resembling the Catalan slogan “Catalonia is not Spain.”  It caught the eyes of millions of viewers around the nation and beyond. Read more…

Desert people – Living of the Turkmensahara – Part 10

Kumushdepe Halilabat

Kumishdepe Halilabat

Introduction of Hojanepes News: This notes a series of memoirs of a Swedish Turkmen family who they come to back home after their Trkmnshra is. It is the owner’s wife, that lady from Japan, the author of this note. She is trying to share all the experiences and knowledge in the form of a series of diaries in order to form a quiet life in the Old City of Kumishdepe collateralize the Trkmnshra.

توضیح خوجه نفس نیوز: عنوان این یادداشت “زندگی در دشتهای سرسبز تورکمنصحرا” مجموعه ای از خاطرات یک خانواده ترکمن سوئدی بعداز برگشت به وطن اصلی خود ترکمنصحرا می باشد. همسر صاحب این پروژه که بانویی از کشور ژاپن می باشد، نویسنده این یادداشتها است. وی تلاش دارد تمام تجارب و آموخته های شریک خود را در قالب مجموعه ایی از خاطرات در راستای تشکیل یک زندگی آرام و نمونه در شهر قدیمی کومیش دپه در ترکمنصحرا بکار بگیرد.

 Desert People . . .                                                       Kumishdepe Halilabat

The Garden: Advanced in development, such as, not so much like a garden. The other day, Nasser showed up so leveled the ground with the tractor, I have become quite easy to walk. It was very pretty to walk on uneven ground with a rubber sandals suffer from hay. Since we now wearing sneakers parents sent me, but I can even skip.

Although not visible from a distance, by collecting and chewy except rubble and dust that has fallen in the garden, he became much content is also beautiful garden. I thought because they fall even discarded candy wrappers and plastic bags even if discarded, would come from and where together, tending I seem to have picked up from the garbage dump, apparently. Read more…

Desert people – Living of the Turkmensahara – Part 9

Needleworking turkmen ladies pajamas

Needleworking turkmen ladies pajamas

Desert people – Build a house

For newly built home, you may have noticed the first time since moving to Iran. Instead of rectangles, this house It’s a trapezoid. Therefore, the acute than a right angle, a corner of one corner of the dining kitchen is becoming wider angle than a right angle corner. I checked and well well, the walls of the house had been on the wall of the site as it is very much. And say what it means, because the house is situated on the boundary of the site, of which the outer wall is a wall for the Neighbors. Would not it strange?
If you look at the tube, such as gas and water would come out from the wall and did the work how, (so on the grounds of Neighbors), rather than the side wall, they are out in the portion corresponding to the ceiling of the ground floor of which all . Future when the room was on the ground floor, water pipes and gas pipes wonder if running the ceiling. I have to cover it, what do you think additional work? Read more…

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