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Turkmenistan celebrates Day of Turkmen Carpet

Carpet Day

Turkmen carpet celebration

Turkmenistan Ru:Celebrations marking Day of Turkmen Carpet were held in Turkmenistan. The XVII Conference of the World Association of Connoisseurs of Turkmen Handmade Carpet Weaving was the main event of the day. It took place at the State Association “Turkmenhaly” (Turkmen Carpet) in Ashgabat.

The forum heard the reports on the current issues related to the study of the history of development of handmade carpet weaving in different countries as well as the influence of traditions of the decorative and applied crafts of Turkmens on the artwork of different peoples.
As part of the forum, there was held a festive ceremony of awarding prizes and certificates to the participants of the international carpet exhibition that opened in Ashgabat the day before.
In the evening, the best workers of the industry were awarded prizes at the Ashgabat Concert Center. The ceremony was followed by the grand concert by the workers of culture and art of Turkmenistan. Festive events marking Day of the Turkmen Carpet were also held in all the regions of Turkmenistan.

Travelling to Ashgabat the capital of Turkmenistan, Day 1

A hotel in Ashgabat city

A hotel in Ashgabat city

Web: Our Nomadic Life – We visited Ashgabat, Turkmenistan on a work trip. We hardly had any knowledge about this country (did not know even the name of the capital and where it is located), We managed to get some information via the web but it got us a bit worried as the country seems to be known as the North Korea of Central Asia!!!

This was an extremely rare opportunity for us to visit the country and fortunately our organization could issue us two invitation letters, as it is very difficult to enter Turkmenistan. In all, we stayed 5 nights in Ashgabat.

We flew from Jakarta to Ashgabat via Dubai. Ashgabat airport was really clean and shiny like a 5 star-hotel. But we hardly saw anyone there. Surprisingly, almost 30% of the passengers in our flight were Japanese and they seemed to be traveling on an organized tour. We wondered why they have chosen Turkmenistan for their holiday destination but we did not have a courage to ask them… Read more…

Turkmenistan voted Best Country in the World

Turkmenistan is the undisputed winner of the WCA 2015

Turkmenistan is the undisputed winner of the WCA 2015

Media Mass: The Turkmens can be proud of their country as it has been voted Best Country in the World last night (Monday July, 27) during the annual WCA ceremony. The Turkmen people were also voted Nicest people on the planet.

More than a hundred prizes have been awarded during the 2015 World Countries Awards, the most prestigious international award ceremony in the world. A night to remember for the people of Turkmenistan as they swept nearly all the awards available.

Historic Win For Turkmenistan

The Turkmen team could hardly hide its excitement as the celebrations went on. “Are we surprised? Not really”, Turkmen Team leader told the journalist, speaking just after receiving the award for Most Humble People In The World. Read more…

An Introduction to Turkmen’s Bibliography (AST)

Almaz_Yazberdiev-Director of Library AST

Almaz_Yazberdiev-Director of Library AST

University of Illinois Library

 While many of the ethnolinguistic groups of the former Soviet sphere find themselves separated from a number of their coethnics by new or old international borders, perhaps none are so divided as the Turkmen, with substantial and long-standing populations in Turkmenistan, Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan, and smaller populations in Pakistan, Turkey, the North Caucasus region (the Trukhmens) and, according to some ethnographers, in China (the Salars). With this in mind, some attempt may be made in the future to cover Turkmen-related publications from beyond Turkmenistan’s current borders, using sources such as the Turkish State Archives’ Irak Türkleri bibliyografyasi = A bibliography of Iraqi Turks (Ankara, 1994), the “bibliographic summary” on the Trukhmens included in A. P. Potseluevskii’s Dialekty turkmenskogo iazyka (Ashkhabad, 1936) and Araz Mohammad Sarly’s 2-volume bibliography of the Turkmen-inhabited Golestan/Gulistan region of Iran (Gorgan, 1377-1379, i.e., 1998-2000). A few dozen such publications (mostly Iraqi and Iranian books from the 1960s and 1970s) are listed on pages 218-230 of Arap grafikasynda neshir edilen tu̇rkmenche kitaplar. Read more…

ACADEMY of SCIENCES of TURKMENISTAN from the first Established structure till nowadays

ASR Turkmenistan


Dr.H. Ownuk: The Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan is the state body which primary task is to ensure the practical realization of scientific and technical politics.


[En English]: Central Eurasia: The Academy of Sciences of the Turkmen Soviet Socialist Republic was established in June 1951 on the basis of the Foundation of the Turkmen Academy of Sciences of the Soviet Socialist Republic of the Union. Initially – Turkestan scientific. Commission (1922), then the Turkmen.

SRI (Scientific – Research Institute) study of history, geography, literature and art (1925), followed by Government. The Academic Council (The State Academic Council) under the People’s Commissariat of Education (1926), then the Cult of the Turkmen * (1928-32). … So you can click to Pdf format or Read more…

The new research structure of Academy Sciences of Turkmenistan in period of Kurbanguly Berdimuhamedov-ساختار تحقیقاتی جدید آکادمی علوم ترکمنستان در دوره بردی محمداف

Academy Sciences of Turkmenistan

Academy Sciences of Turkmenistan

Incr EAST: The structure of S&R in Turkmenistan reflects the reforms taking place in the country, which were initiated by the President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov. With the revival of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan in 2009, a center of research activity was generated, which has united in itself  a variety of institutes and scientists conducting both fundamental and applied research. The Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan is the state institution insuring an integrated scientific and technical policy approach in the country, accelerating advanced achievements in science, fostering all-round development, and also introducing constant and effective government programs for scientific and technical development. The Academy of Sciences is financed out of the state budget of Turkmenistan. Read more…

Turkmenistan considers 12-year education plan

High school students attend a literature class in Ashgabat December 5. Turkmenistan is considering increasing the length of compulsory schooling to 12 years from 10. [Dzhumaguly Annayev]

High school students attend a literature class in Ashgabat December 5. Turkmenistan is considering increasing the length of compulsory schooling to 12 years from 10. [Dzhumaguly Annayev]

Central Asia Online:

ASHGABAT – Turkmenistan’s Education Ministry is considering a 12-year compulsory education system to replace its present-day 10-year system, a plan that has both strengths and weaknesses, observers say.

President Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov mentioned the initiative at a conference with educators in August, saying that the new system could take effect as early as the 2013-2014 school year.

This is not the first education reform initiative proposed in the past few years, political scientist Orazmamet Kaparov told Central Asia Online. In 2007, the nine-year schooling system introduced under former President Saparmurat Niyazov returned to the Soviet norm of 10 years and the two-year system of higher education Niyazov had enacted reverted to four years.

“If the Turkmen president sees his plans through now and succeeds in replacing the 10-year schooling system with a 12-year one, he will have every chance to be recognised as a serious reformer,” Kaparov said.

The plans also call for changes in what the students study. For example, they will focus more on science, math, languages and history and give less attention to the Rukhnama, a book of collected wisdom and philosophy put together by Niyazov. Read more…

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