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Cyclopaedia – Russian State Library – Rusya Devlet Kütüphanesi – کتابخانه دولتی روسیّه

Cyclopaedia Bilimsel arama motoru

Cyclopaedia: Russian State Library – Russian State Library kavrami, Ingilizce dilindeki vikipedi’de kullanilmistir. Orada bu kavramla ilgili söyle denir:

Not to be confused with the Russian National Library, located in St Petersburg.

The Russian State Library (Russian: Российская государственная библиотека) is the national library of Russia, located in Moscow. It is the largest in the country and the fourth largest in the world for its collection of books (17.5 million). It was named the V. I. Lenin State Library of the USSR from 1925 until it was renamed in 1992 as the Russian State Library.

Bu özgür ansiklopedi Wikipedia’daki bir makaleden Rusya Devlet Kütüphanesi yapılan alıntıdır. Wikipedia’da yazarların listesi mevcuttur.

The full text of the abstracts of the dissertation on the topic:

“The Cultural History of Turkmens of Iran (XIX-XX cc.)”

My AbstractDissertationVersion

Click to read abstract, an english
Version of Dissertation

Author: Dr. Hangeldi OWNUK,
Editor an English: Elaine Harmston

Characteristics of the study
It is necessary to examine the issue in terms of:

More than one hundred years of Russian, and later Soviet Rule-based aggression in order to capture more territories in Central Asia was carried out between residents of northern Turkmenistan and Turkmnsehra, and subsequently, separation occurred. As a result of the rupture, families were ripped apart, and family members were unaware of each other across the border. Consequently, they were considered strangers to each other.

As a result of events among the inhabitants of the east coast of the Caspian Sea in the second half of the XIX century, with the confiscation of Central Asia by the Russians, political relations began to break down between Iran and Russia, and Russia led the nation and much of the Turkmenistan’s south.

The Plains of Gurgen (Desht-i Gorgan) or Turkmensahra are located in the south territories of River Atrak, until the “dense forest on the south slopes of the Alborz Mountains to the eastern corner of the continuity and the eastern side, is limited to the mountains of province Khorasan” [1] “Based on the available information, in 1992, the 1.5 million net Turkmen population live in over 20 thousand square meters of Turkmensahra.”[1[2]][3]

Click to Read the full text of version on the Pdf file:

– Texts related to the thesis Dr. Ownuk H.,

Texts related to the thesis Dr. Ownuk H., in the libraries and the Centers of Government and the centers of “Research-Scientific” of the Russian Federation.

Из документих в связе с моей диссертации, Овнук Хангелди в центрах  библиотеки, “Исследование – Научно-центры” и правительство Российской Федерации.

متون مربوط به پایان نامه د. خ. اونق، موجود در کتابخانه های مراکز “علمی – پژوهشی” و دولتی روسیّه فدرال.

Национальной Электронная Библиотеки Number:(1) – – – – – – – Number:(2)
Библиотека диссертаций и авторефератов о научная материалов Овнука Хангелди в России
Национальная Электронная Библиотека). Польни текста автореферата в VIVALDI
My PhD Materials, Dr. Ownuk H.

– Документы, связанные с моей диссертации, в библиотеках, “Исследование – Научно-центры” и правительство Российской Федерации. Read more…

New Year 1394 (2015), in the Parliament of Canada

Nevruz Heritage In ParlamentCA_Toront of CA

Dedication of the “Divan Jahānšāh Haghighi,” to the Dr.R.Moridi

Toronto – Hojanepes News: New Year in 2015 (1394) compared to previous years was held with more interest in the world.

Especially its way to the White House and President Barack Obama greeting messages from America and his wife Michelle Obama and Canadian Prime Minister also congratulated totally different sights and sounds of New Year’s celebration.

Groups and representatives of different nationalities who they living in Canada also had held celebrate this holiday. Including holding “Nowruz Bayram” As a traditional heritage in the Canadian Parliament by the Turks of Turkey Turks Toronto-managed communities that participated prominent Canadian Parliament. Read more…

Download “Cultural History of Turkmens of Iran (XIX-XX cc.)” From Site the Collection Materials “Alexander 34”

Скачать “История культуры туркмен Ирана (ХIХ-ХХ вв.)” от Коллекция Материалов Сайта Александр 34
 دریافت “تاریخ فرهنگ ترکمن های ایران (قرون نوزدهم و بیستم.)” از سایت مجموعه مواد علمیالکساندر 34
Document Ownuk, Hangeldi

Скачать История культуры туркмен Ирана (ХIХ-ХХ вв.)
от Коллекция Материалов Сайта Александр 34

Поиск по имена автора Диссертациа
* The Original Page of this document in Site Collection Materioals

An Introduction to Turkmen’s Bibliography (AST)

Almaz_Yazberdiev-Director of Library AST

Almaz_Yazberdiev-Director of Library AST

University of Illinois Library

 While many of the ethnolinguistic groups of the former Soviet sphere find themselves separated from a number of their coethnics by new or old international borders, perhaps none are so divided as the Turkmen, with substantial and long-standing populations in Turkmenistan, Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan, and smaller populations in Pakistan, Turkey, the North Caucasus region (the Trukhmens) and, according to some ethnographers, in China (the Salars). With this in mind, some attempt may be made in the future to cover Turkmen-related publications from beyond Turkmenistan’s current borders, using sources such as the Turkish State Archives’ Irak Türkleri bibliyografyasi = A bibliography of Iraqi Turks (Ankara, 1994), the “bibliographic summary” on the Trukhmens included in A. P. Potseluevskii’s Dialekty turkmenskogo iazyka (Ashkhabad, 1936) and Araz Mohammad Sarly’s 2-volume bibliography of the Turkmen-inhabited Golestan/Gulistan region of Iran (Gorgan, 1377-1379, i.e., 1998-2000). A few dozen such publications (mostly Iraqi and Iranian books from the 1960s and 1970s) are listed on pages 218-230 of Arap grafikasynda neshir edilen tu̇rkmenche kitaplar. Read more…

There where the river flowed

 A ruins Sarykamysh in XIII century

A ruins Sarykamysh in XIII century

Türkmen Medeniýet ulgamy

Türkmen Medeniýet ulgamy

 Written by Ruslan Muradov – Category: Culture herritage:

The north of Turkmenistan is characterized with severe and contract landscapes where steppe plains of Ustyurt ends with stiff cliffs and below until the horizon the boundless Garagum stretches. But yet five hundred years ago everything was different. Here in the lower course of the Daryalyk – the ancient course of the Amyderya – there flourishes oases with several fort cities, numerous villages and thousands of hectares of irrigated lands. It is difficult to believe that if not those ruins and hardly visible trenches from irrigated canals lost in the vast fields of the Sarykamysh. The Daryalyk is the main artery of water in this region and was formed in the 13th century: no matter how it looks paradox as a result of damages, made by the Mongolian conquerors to Khorezm. They destroyed the dam on the Amyderya and the swirling water flooded first the capital city of Gurganj (present Koneurgench) and then the Sarykamysh depression and Uzboy by which in the far remote past the Amyderya fell into the Caspian sea. From this irrigation, Turkmens made use of successfully creating here at the end of the 14th century a grandiose irrigation network of facilities. Perhaps, the fort city of Ak-gala appeared on the bank of one of tributaries of the Daryalyk. It protected by the mount of Butentau with its stiff cliff hanging over the river in the north. Read more…

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